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Mind Hackers, Using Psychology and Science to Make More Placements

Sales is an art, but like any art, there is a science to it which will make you a better artist if you learn it. If you want to be a great painter, knowing how to mix paints for your desired color, which brush to use, and how to capture the light just right are all important pieces of the science to learn.

Recruiting is a multidirectional sales process. You are selling your services to a client, your ear to a candidate, the candidate to the client, and the client to the candidate. That’s means there is a lot of art to apply the science to.


Attendees will learn how to:


  • Use two psychological tricks to increase engagement, leading to more placements
  • Get into the mind of your potential client and successfully negotiate premium fees
  • Negotiate better on all ends, resulting in happier clients and candidates and more deals
  • Use proven scientific techniques to make deals easier to close, and decrease fall offs
  • Attract new clients and candidates more strategically and with less effort


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