Developing Inner Resilience for future success

The suddenness of the onset of Covid-19 in North America has left deep divides as to how to proceed over the next few months. Seemingly from one day to the next, life as we know it changed and we were required to shelter at home and self-isolate.

Work is 100% remote and many projects have been cancelled or put on hold. How does that leave us feeling? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Scared? Even Angry perhaps?


What I have learned in almost 30 years of recruitment and 10 years of studying and training for improved health and resilience is that these negative emotions are toxic and will paralyze your ability to work through this crisis and come out the other side stronger and ready to rebuild.


Negative emotions caused by stress activate the primitive parts of our brain-the amygdala and limbic system-and when this happens our immune system is greatly weakened as is our cognitive rational brain. We have had an emotional hijacking of emotions as we dwell on negative thoughts which continue the cycle of negative emotions and stress. When we are stressed, not only is our physical body susceptible to more infections and viruses but our ability to concentrate and work is greatly reduced. In order to build a future of success for ourselves and our teams/families, we need to first calm down and then rewire our thinking and finally take positive action steps each day.


This month on May 14th, I will be delivering a free LIVE webinar to show you exactly how to move from a negative stressed out state to a positive resilient mind-set and tap into Emotional Intelligence to survive and prosper in the new post covid-19 world. Bring your questions for a live Q&A at the end.


There will be a limited number of seats (100) and a lot of content and some draws for an on-line course so please register now by clicking the below link to save your seat:


Mentally Prepared for Anything: Build Inner Resilience for more Success


Mentally Prepared for Anything: Build Inner Resilience for more Successful as a Recruiter: May 14th , 2020 12:00-1:00 pm


In this high energy action packed keynote presentation you will learn how to be boost your resilience to stay healthy and obtain more lasting success in the recruitment industry. You will learn the keys to building long term resilience to thrive in work and life, review powerful stress busting techniques and easy upgrades to your habits to navigate more successfully through the ups and downs of recruitment. You will also learn how to better connect with clients and candidates using Emotional Intelligence Tools for more placements and be taught easy ways to reach your goals faster. This session will include information for recruiters, managers and owners that is key for success in 2020 and beyond.


Participants will have the opportunity to win Patricia’s on-line training course THS-Recruitment Pro ( valued at US 174.95), Stress Management Guru course or a copy of Patricia’s first book and will be actively participating is some educational exercises with partners to reinforce training concepts.


Key takeaways:


The 6 Keys to Resilience and Resilience Killers that also Kill your deals

Tips to manage stress and upgrade your immunity

Qualities of a successful leader- How Recruiters, Managers and Owners can be better leaders

Powerful Emotional Intelligence tools and techniques to build better client and candidate relationships in a Covid-19 economy

Strategies to resolve conflict and negotiate more effectively to avoid losing deals

The future of recruiting: AI vs. EI, Technology-What you need to know to succeed 

Dealing with internal recruiters-Tips for creating a win-win partnership 

Developing a resilient mindset for your future and grow your revenue-

Tap into creative ways to build your company


Registration URL 


Today, I challenge you to start your day by being aware of your thoughts and emotions. Use my techniques to shift out of anger and overwhelm and focus on small achievable goals each day. Let’s retool and rebuild for tomorrow.


See you at the webinar!!


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Patricia (Tish) Conlin is a recruitment firm owner (20+ years building success as President of Global Consulting Group Inc.), Speaker, and Coach. A passion for health and leadership development led her into international public speaking and coaching. Conlin is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Black Belt Martial Artist. She is the author of ABCs of Food: Boost Your Energy, Confidence, and Success with the Power of Nutrition. She is currently working on her second book and on-line course about leadership and resilience. Visit Conlin’s Coaching website to energize your performance and life with our on-line training programs and courses at