You Still Need a Great Digital Marketing Strategy – Even as Businesses Reopen By Caitlin Dwyer

As our country continues dealing with COVID-19, life itself has been anything other than predictable. To be effective in volatile times like these, your digital marketing strategy must stay responsive and flexible. 


Here are three ways to ensure your digital marketing sends the right message: 


Build Trust Through Transparency 


When developing a digital marketing strategy during this time, be open, honest and straightforward about your company’s operations. As businesses continue to open, your audience wants to know what you are doing and how you are handling the change. 


When your business is transparent with its messaging online, that transparency can directly correlate with a rise in your customer base. One study found that nearly 94% of consumers are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. 


Align Your Messaging with a New Way of Doing Business


Business is not as usual (pre-COVID-19), but digital marketing is a great way to express how your business is making important changes in a changing world. Your audience wants insight into the “new normal” of your business and how you are adjusting to keep your employees safe. 


Most people will have some fear or apprehension of being in a situation where they might be in close contact with others; addressing how your business is going to handle this genuine fear is a great stepping stone with your messaging. From there, you will begin to gain more insight as to what your audience responds to and how your business may need to pivot as well.  


Get Your Team on Board


Your content is only as good as the number of people it reaches. If you’re only sharing content from your company pages, you are missing important opportunities to stand out online and amplify your messaging.


Your team can help! As your team members contribute and organically share your message on their networks, you will reach more people than by sharing content solely on your company pages. Additionally, as more team members share your content, it shows that they are confident in the messaging and overall the direction of the business. This tactic is essentially the digital equivalent of a recommendation or referral, which is priceless for your business.


Need Help Evolving Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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