OSHA Industry Specific Alerts & Covid-19

After 37 years in the staffing industry alongside of working to ensure COATS Staffing Software is constantly updated to meet our client’s needs, these two documents caught my eye.   Our clients really appreciate any resources and documents they can share to help make their clients lives easier.  


Educating and working as an adjunct human resource department is a valuable asset for many of our software clients to offer their customers.  


OSHA has been creating an industry-specific guidance series that speaks to the specifics of each industry that our staffing firm clients service.  


This information could be very useful to share with your customers in each of these industries as they provide specific advice relative to their own workforce and industry type.



The following OSHA Alerts have been created for the below sectors as of last review on 6/14/20: 


Stockroom and Loading Dock Workers (Spanish)

Social Distancing at Work (Spanish)

Nursing Home and Long Term Care Facility Workers (Spanish)

Retail Pharmacies (Spanish)

Rideshare, Taxi, and Car Service Workers (Spanish)

Dental Practitioners (Spanish)

Restaurants & Beverage Vendors Offering Takeout or Curbside   

                   Pickup (Spanish)

Construction Workforce (Spanish)

Manufacturing Industry Workforce (Spanish)

Package Delivery Workforce (Spanish)

Retail Workers (Spanish)

Prevent Worker Exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Spanish)



The most recent alert was created on 6/2/20 and is for stockroom and loading dock workers.  These alerts can be found at this link https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/covid-19/


I also reviewed OSHA’s COVID-19 planning guidance that focuses on employers needs when determining what to implement for work practice controls.  


The guidance is for planning purposes for employers and workers to identify the risks in workplace settings and to determine control measures to implement. 


This can serve as a useful document to use for your staffing firm team and to also share with your clients as well. The guide is not a standard or a regulation, and luckily doesn’t create new or change current legal obligations by OSHA.  


The guide can be found here: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3990.pdf


COATS Staffing Software prides itself on keeping up with all the latest developments in the staffing industry and sharing resources that can help our clients, help theirs.  For further information about our one-stop-shop staffing firm software, call 1-800-888-5894 or visit our site at coatssql.com