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Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on the American Worker: Part I

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting effect on the American workplace have resulted in records levels of unemployment, the likes of which have no ... more »

OSHA Industry Specific Alerts & Covid-19

After 37 years in the staffing industry alongside of working to ensure COATS Staffing Software is constantly updated to meet our client’s needs, these two documents ... more »

Staying positive in a crisis using Gratitude

Many of us are feeling that in recent weeks we have moved our clocks not to daylight savings time but instead to the twilight zone. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) virus has h ... more »


The economy is growing at a record pace. Jobs are being created across the labor spectrum and the competition for workers is fierce. Many of these new jobs will be filled ... more »

Coach Mike: Contingent Fee Based to an All Retained Model

I have had consistent success with several clients that historically have been contingent fee based. They interview nearly all the candidates I present, give me immediate ... more »

7 Productive, Unique and Fun Places to Work Remotely By Mitch Rudolph

Working remotely, or at least occasionally, is rapidly becoming the new norm, especially in the staffing sector. In fact, it’s estimated that 73 percent of teams wi ... more »

New Year, New Decade, New Staffing Software: Part 2 Award

Part 2: Questions to not overlook, what to avoid as you narrow down your search, and how to plan for a smooth implementation. Welcome back to Part 2 of “New Year, ... more »

Everything You Need to Know About the New Form W-4

The 2020 Form W-4 was released earlier this month with just weeks left in the year. As the year winds down, are you prepared to handle the new Form W-4 in 2020? If you a ... more »

Why 58% of your Recruiters are Underperforming And how to change that today!

  If over 50% of your recruiting team is missing their numbers, you’re not alone.  According to’s 3rd edition of the State of Sales ... more »

3 Steps to Power your Brand with Engaged Employees By Lynn Connor

Where do you feel the greatest sense of professional belonging?  Through the years, it’s been known that men in particular often define their self-worth almost ... more »