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There is No Going Back to Normal: How Jobs & the Workplace will be Affected Permanently

There have been many articles published about how to prepare to return to work, but how will jobs and the workplace culture be when you return? Will everything go back to ... more »

Restarting Your Business as the Economy Reopens

Now slowly in some states and more quickly in others, most business are beginning to reopen. The degree of the recovery will be uneven by state, by business sector and by ... more »

You Still Need a Great Digital Marketing Strategy – Even as Businesses Reopen By Caitlin Dwyer

As our country continues dealing with COVID-19, life itself has been anything other than predictable. To be effective in volatile times like these, your digital marketing ... more »

Covid19/Recession-Proof Your Recruiting

The first week of June 2020 will have confirmed what all of us in our industry already knew: our economy is struggling. The Bureau of Labor Statistics employment report r ... more »

What Recruiters Should Be Doing Now to Prepare for the Future Hiring Surge

As I write this blog article, I am beginning my 9th week of working at home, which is very rare for our company. Usually a work at home day would be warranted by one of o ... more »

4 Ways for Staffing & Recruiting Firms to Come Out of COVID-19 Stronger By Jared Hummel

At Parqa, we sit in an extremely unique position in our industry. Not only have we had the opportunity to speak with our current clients, past clients and prospective cli ... more »

File Form 7200 to Receive Tax Credits

How can you, as a qualifying employer, file in advance to receive refundable tax credits?  The FFCRA created an opportunity for businesses, including staffing firms, ... more »

Employer Credit for Employee Retention

The United States Department of Treasury issued a press release yesterday to encourage businesses impacted by COVID-19 to use the Employee Retention Credit.  The cre ... more »

Working from Home - Survival Tips from Molly Nessinger

If you know me, you’ll know that I am a person that needs people -- I have often referred to myself as ‘short attention span,’ as constant human interac ... more »

How to Onboard a Remote Employee During Social Distancing

As most of the business world is learning to work remotely and practice social distancing in response to the devastating Coronavirus Pandemic, there is a wide range of&nb ... more »