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The Internet and Relationships

The Internet has changed the way in which recruiters conduct business. That’s no big secret or revelation, but some of the changes aren’t as obvious as others ... more »

Can You Say

Most people can’t even think about it, much less "say it". The horror of it is just too much to endure. The chaos, the confusion, the panic and the disappointment a ... more »

Recruiting Technology Trends

This article will focus on industry-wide trends you will see from the recruiting software vendors for 2005. We will not discuss individual companies, but rather the conti ... more »

The Power of Process

If you are like most firms, you are not operating at half your potential nor are structured to realize the full value of your staffing firm. Whether your goal is to expan ... more »

How Sharp are Your Tools?

Top Echelon Network is located in Canton, Ohio, and is very close to the world’s largest community of Amish people. I am fortunate in that I am able to spend a cons ... more »

Will the Internet Replace Recruiters?

As you know, the staffing industry as a whole has had it’s nose bloodied in the last few years and many recruiters did not have the training and tools that they nee ... more »

Seizing the Opportunity of Change

As a general rule, people are resistant to change, some more than others. Many argue that such reluctance is rooted in biology, that humans have a predisposition and buil ... more »

Train Your ATS To Become Your Assistant (...they work for free and never get tired!)

Circle the wagons, quickly! We are all about to die, let alone go out of business! Well, to continue the pun, let’s all just hold our horses. I have been through a ... more »