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A Novice's Guide to Cloud Computing By Terri Roeslmeier

Cloud vendors are experiencing growth of 50% per annum.  Software vendors that can’t offer a cloud solution are being classified as “dinosaurs” equ ... more »

Common Misconceptions About Local SEO

Every business with an online presence wants higher rankings in search — particularly Google search. That’s not the big secret here, but how it’s actual ... more »

Why Your Team Is Not Maximizing LinkedIn Recruiter By Neil Lebovits

Getting your money's worth So, you bought "LinkedIn Recruiter" for your or your team. Bravo. Although it's very expensive, it has some amazing capabilities. Sadly, as I ... more »

Techline: Q & A

Question 1:  I am hearing more and more about “3rd party add-ons.  Is that something I should look into?  Answer:  Yes, absolutely.  ... more »

Can Video Interviewing Improve Your Client Collaboration? By Josh Tolan

As a staffing agency professional, you want to find your clients the best talent as soon as possible. You’re confident you can find them an amazing candidate, espec ... more »

Why Responsive Sites Are Important for Recruiters By Tricia Cleppe

According to CNN Money’s article from early 2014, mobile use, including tablets, has finally eclipsed standard PC usage with “mobile devices account[ing] for ... more »

Web 2.0 Web Presence Optimization Web 3.0 & Beyond By Justin Angelson

It’s 2014. Everyone with a business knows you need a website. And not just a run of the mill, templated, cookie cutter site either. You need a custom website soluti ... more »

A Conversation with Diya Obied, Founder & CEO of Algomod Technologies Corp. (Axelon Services)

Visionaries have created technology and using that technology rapid changes have been taking place in the staffing Industry. And in the current economic climate, it is im ... more »

Make your recruiting more

  As much as we hate to admit this, social media has weaseled its way into our everyday lives…and we secretly love it. Did you know that Americans spend an a ... more »

Fatal Mistakes You are Making On LinkedIn by Neil Lebovits

Let’s face it, LinkedIn has changed massively over the last few months, let alone the past few years! The fact is that most recruiting firms and owners and just not ... more »