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Avionte RAW Week 21

At the time of this writing, the US is in the midst of nationwide, civil unrest. The blog is only about staffing data. As noted before, we do worry about a technical rec ... more »

Cyber Insurance for Small Businesses

Introduction: You are at the potential risk of a data breach if your company has valuable assets such as customers’ database, intellectual property, or corporate d ... more »

Covid19/Recession-Proof Your Recruiting

The first week of June 2020 will have confirmed what all of us in our industry already knew: our economy is struggling. The Bureau of Labor Statistics employment report r ... more »

Is Your Company’s Story Powerful, Clear and Cohesive?

At our digital marketing agency, we used to struggle to get our message right. We had a great brand, a well-known, well-respected company both nationally and locally in t ... more »

What Recruiters Should Be Doing Now to Prepare for the Future Hiring Surge

As I write this blog article, I am beginning my 9th week of working at home, which is very rare for our company. Usually a work at home day would be warranted by one of o ... more »

Lifelong Learning: From Onboarding to Retirement

Lifelong learning, according to the definition contained in the Internet dictionary at BNET, the Business Directory, is the continual acquisition of knowledge and skills ... more »

10 Action Items To You Will Be Glad You Took ...To Save Your Recruiting Business!By Jeremy Sisemore

Part 2 in a 2 Part Series.   I’ve now been in recruiting for 20 years, and with a business partner, built a small and successful search firm called ASAP Tale ... more »

Developing Inner Resilience for future success

The suddenness of the onset of Covid-19 in North America has left deep divides as to how to proceed over the next few months. Seemingly from one day to the next, life as ... more »

4 Ways for Staffing & Recruiting Firms to Come Out of COVID-19 Stronger By Jared Hummel

At Parqa, we sit in an extremely unique position in our industry. Not only have we had the opportunity to speak with our current clients, past clients and prospective cli ... more »

Benefits of Switching to a Cloud-Based Staffing Software Solution

We are currently living in unusual times-- so unusual it feels like we are living in one big dream. These past few weeks, the nation has needed to adjust to new norms, in ... more »