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Remember Your ABCs

When it’s first thing in the morning and the entire day stretches before you, your day is filled with possibility. You’re the one to make that happen, and the ... more »

Shift Happens – Now What?

If doesn’t matter when you got into this business, there’s one thing we can all say for sure: Things have changed since you started.  • Maybe you s ... more »


Many of us were raised in this business hearing some version of “persistence pays off” ringing in our ears. Maybe it was “persistence shows them you&rsq ... more »

Expanding your Market

Whether you want to increase your market share where you are currently, penetrate into a new geographic market or diversify your services you need to know your facts befo ... more »

Look beyond the Resume: 4 Secret Attributes that Predict Success when Hiring Recruiters

There’s endless debate whether we should look to hire recruiters with recruiting experience. Or, not.  I’ve made many hires in each category with mixed ... more »

You and your +1: A Date with Possibility

If you’re currently or have recently been single, you’ve likely received an invitation addressed to you and a +1, giving you permission to bring a significant ... more »

Review/Preview: The Conversation Bookend of Progress

Too often, we ghost out of conversation with clients or candidates. We end with lame, say-nothing phrases like “ok, we’ll talk soon” or “stay in ... more »

Content Marketing: Your 3-Step Recipe For Lead Generation

There’s no way around it. Everywhere you look there are either marketers trying to sell you lead generation strategies or entrepreneurs trying to create them. So wh ... more »

How to Prevent The Herculean Task of Client Education for Recruiters

When you describe something as a “Herculean task,” you’re usually doing so because the task is practically impossible. Or you’re implying that the ... more »

In Staffing Customer Service, Little Words Mean a Lot By Victoria Kenward

“No problem.” “My pleasure!” Which of these simple phrases would you rather hear? The difference is subtle, but definite. Both let the customer ... more »