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Working Smarter, Not Harder!

Effective business development and marketing is the most important aspect of being a big biller. Sure, finding the perfect candidate for an open search assignment is an e ... more »

Solutions To Top Seven Owner Challenges

We hire type A, assertive sales people who are motivated by money.  Challenges and issues do occur and you must determine your actions prior to issues surfacing. &nb ... more »

7 Clues That May Reveal You Have A Retained Search On Your Hands!

During a recent seminar/presentation attended by over 200 participants, I was asked several questions that revealed some remained confused as to when to approach a client ... more »

How to Take Advantage of the New LinkedIn Profile Format

Just over a year ago, LinkedIn announced a new Profile format. Believe it or not, certain features are still being rolled out to some members. It is the biggest visual ch ... more »

The Charismatic Recruiter

Recruiters who possess a high degree of self confidence and charisma tend to dominate their market and out perform their competitors. They negotiate higher fees, gain acc ... more »

NAPS Certification: A Multifaceted Professional Badge

Certification has multiple meanings that are worthy of consideration by those engaged in direct hire recruiting or temporary services work. First, it is a process through ... more »

Are You?

When I was 16 years old I came home from a particularly hard days’ work a Burger King where I commanded a wage of $3.35 per hour (yeah, minimum wage).  My very ... more »


Here’s the question:  “When do you stop beating a dead horse?” Here’s the answer:  “When you can say to yourself, ‘this dea ... more »

If Your Goal Setting Exercises Have Failed You at Some Level Before...Get Bolder And Step Up to a LONG Term Vision!

  When I begin coaching a new recruiting firm owner client, whether a solo operator or someone scaling their business with multiple recruiters, the most overlooked ... more »

A first hand view- How can you make your client's life easier?

After working directly with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses outside of the recruiting space for over three years, I’ve seen the challenges many face a ... more »