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Clearing the Fee

What Client Says:   You didn't clear the fee with us before you told us the candidate's name.   How Client Pays:   Your greatest leverage exists at o ... more »

Professional Certifications Provide Peace Of Mind In Any Economy

There isn’t a lot one can count on these days. The stalled economy has affected all manner and levels of business. An uncertain business environment has left some c ... more »

National Labor Relations Board - Challenging At-Will Employment

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) which is the federal administrative agency that is tasked with the enforcement of the National Labor Relations Act continues to ... more »

To Jump-Start Your Growth, Pick the Right Strategy

Not every staffing business makes it through the startup phase, but yours has. After a few years in the staffing business, you’ve got a dozen or so people and perha ... more »

Niche-craft: 9 Steps to Refine Or Select A Niche

Many of the owners and recruiting professionals that I coach have considered refining or changing their niche at some point in their careers. Whether your niche is doing ... more »

Creating a Social Media Policy that Works

There’s no escaping social media these days. Not only do most of your employees use it, it’s a good idea for your company to have a strong social media presen ... more »


Ron Allen passed away Memorial Day, 2006. He was too young, but it was somewhat fitting since he was a military veteran and also a very memorable man. I met Ron in the e ... more »

NAPS Makes Upgrades and Changes to National Registry, Others to Follow in 2013.

The National Registry of Certified Staffing Industry Professionals (NRCSIP) has undergone a number of changes to make it a more visible, accessible and usable tool for NA ... more »

Why Historic Knowledge Will Help Your Business

Most people are only familiar with history as it is presented in class rooms and in news and media headlines. For most this translates to knowing only that which school b ... more »

Does Your Brand Create These Ten Acts?

You don’t need advertisements. You need acts that create emotional connections. Simple, inclusive, accessible, relevant and human encounters that change the momen ... more »