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3 Ideas and Strategies for Business Development in Recruitment

  What does business development mean in recruitment? Well, speaking in obvious terms, it means more placements. Sounds rather simple, does it not?   However ... more »

Why 58% of your Recruiters are Underperforming And how to change that today!

  If over 50% of your recruiting team is missing their numbers, you’re not alone.  According to’s 3rd edition of the State of Sales ... more »

3 Steps to Power your Brand with Engaged Employees By Lynn Connor

Where do you feel the greatest sense of professional belonging?  Through the years, it’s been known that men in particular often define their self-worth almost ... more »

Why You Need an All-In-One Staffing and Recruiting Software Solution By Jennifer Roeslmeier

    Do you have a headache from toggling between multiple software solutions to manage your staffing and recruiting business? How many different solutions are ... more »

6 Free Tools to Help With Your Recruitment Marketing

Love it or hate it, marketing is one of the core functions of every staffing and recruitment firm but it’s often the department with the least a ... more »

Money-Recruiting (Part 2 of 3) The Components & Principles of Recruiting

A Simple Guide on how to make it rain cash by Using Metrics  Activities, Results, Ratios, and the Quantum Leap Theorems    PRE-SEASON CONDITIONING: When ... more »

A 21-Point Plan for How to Be a Great Recruiter

Okay, you’ve made the decision to be a recruiter. Congratulations! You are now part of the most unique, most rewarding, and most frustrating profession to ever grac ... more »

Staffing’s Top Three Greatest Challenges

Only a handful of industries are as fast-paced and genuinely fulfilling as the staffing industry.   There’s just something special and rewarding about pu ... more »

Conversations with Clients on Pay & Bill Rates By Lynn Connor

In July of 2019, the national unemployment rate was 3.7%.  Minimum wage rates are increasing across the nation.  At the beginning of 2019, eighteen states began ... more »

Sheldon, Amy and Customer Service Communication By Victoria Kenward

Yes, there’s a connection here (I’ll explain in just a minute). If a client, candidate or even an internal employee has an issue, problem, complaint – ... more »