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Jon Bartos is the premier writer, speaker, thought leader, trainer and Multi-Million dollar biller in the Recruiting and Staffing Market. Jon’s global recruiting organization is www. globalperformancesearch.comHis industry leading recruiting analytics and training software is and Jon’s services rm that helps our industry achieve it potential through a host of products and services is www.jonathanbartos. comIn 2017, Jon developed a system to generate job orders and search assignments - www. which is now the industry’s leading Marketing Automation system for Recruiting and Staffing firms.
In 2018, through Redgate Adventures, Jon is offering several training programs throughout the year to help you and your organization get to the next level. 
These courses include "Making it Rain: Increase Your Billings from 2-10x Without Working Harder!", From Contingent
to Mutually Committed (Retained)
”, The Rockstar Recruiter(rookie and tenured)” AND “The Recruiting Leadership Challenge(Managers and Owners)

If you are ready to achieve your potential -  Reach Jon at 513-515-1267 or

Articles by Jon Bartos

Money-Recruiting (Part 2 of 3) The Components & Principles of Recruiting

A Simple Guide on how to make it rain cash by Using Metrics  Activities, Results, Ratios, and the Quantum Leap Theorems    PRE-SEASON CONDITIONING: When ... more »


(Part 2 of 3) The Components & Principles of Recruiting   A Simple Guide on how to make it rain cash by Using Metrics in your Recruiting.   There are a fe ... more »

Getting to at least “Exclusivity” on every Search

As many of you already realize, the better-quality search you work on the more money you will make.  The facts are ugly in the Perm Placement recruiting business if ... more »

Part 1 out of 3: Money-Recruiting A Simple Guide on how to make it rain cash by Using Metrics in your Recruiting Firm

A 2004 bestseller book by Michael Lewis and a 2011 blockbuster movie starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, Moneyball is the true story of how the 2002 Oakland Athletics base ... more »

Transitioning from Contingent to Retained Search

July 18th Workshop with Jon Bartos:   Transitioning from Contingent to Retained  July 18th at 12PM EST Training Options  Virtual Worksh ... more »

From Contingent to Retained: The Five Steps in Developing your Value Proposition of Going to Retained

Anytime someone is looking to make the change from Contingent search to Retained search, they need to really start by looking at the business relationship from the client ... more »

Part 3 out of 5: From Contingent to Retained: Hiring High Performers The 5 Mission Critical Questions to Ask to WIN their business!

When trying to win business, just getting the point of having a conversation is 10x harder than it used to be.  With communication technology choices and generationa ... more »

From Contingent to Retained: Part II

Hiring High Performers Mis-hires –  The Costliest Problem Your Clients are suffering with  Most hiring managers and human resource professionals regular ... more »

From Contingent to Retained: A 5 Part Series

Why Mutually Committed Relationships are the only ones that Work! What if I could show you way by simply changing the relationship you have with clients,  you will ... more »

Want to make a substantial positive impact on your life? Start goal setting!

For most people, goal setting takes place at the end of the calendar year. It’s not only a good time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in our personal and ... more »