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About Steve Finkel

Mr. Finkel offers DVDs, CDs, in-house training, and public speaking programs. His book Search and Placement (with Larry Nobles) is regarded as the finest foundational work for new people in the industry. Breakthough! Exploding the Production of Experienced Recruiters,is the best-selling book in industry history. And his newest book, Real Recruiting!, consists of innovative original techniques and strategies that are dramatically enhancing the performance of recruiters at all levels. Available through website or Amazon. The Fordyce Letter, America's major search newsletter, has described him as "universally regarded as our industry's leading trainer." And Recruitment International, Europe's largest industry publication, has referred to him as "the world's premier author and trainer in search and recruitment!” Professional Search Seminars 11330 Olive Blvd. Suite 100 St. Louis, MO 63141 USA., 314-991-3177