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Take a moment to review some of our useful resources for recruiting professionals!

Barb Bruno: Top Producer Tutor

As a business owner, you already know that your success is hinged on your team’s performance, and in the recruiting and staffing industry performance is gauged by bottom-line results. Using Top Producer Tutor’s one-of-a-kind customizable, interactive, electronically delivered training programs, you will see increased productivity from every member of your team, dramatically driving-up performances across the board, and positively impacting your bottom-line.  

Visit Top Producer Tutor to learn more.

Bill Radin: Recruiting Training Products

BILL RADIN is a top-producing recruiter whose innovative books, CDs and training seminars have helped thousands of recruiting professionals and search consultants achieve peak performance and career satisfaction. Bill’s extensive experience makes him an ideal source of techniques, methods and ideas for rookies who want to master the fundamentals—or veterans ready to jump to a higher level of success.  Learn More »

Bingham Consulting

Amy Bingham offers Sales Effectiveness Consulting for the Recruiting & Staffing Industry.  

Bingham Consulting works arm-in-arm with you to achieve and sustain high performance.

Visit to learn how Amy can help your Staffing Firm Grow.

Your Premiere Recruiting & Staffing Services site that helps you & your team to Grow.

Alpine Double Black – The industries best Job Order and Candidate Lead Generation Program

RPM Dashboard – The World’s leading Recruiting Analytics software tied directly to Training and Development of skills. Keep. Getting. Better!

Summit Big Biller – Monthly Program discussing billing best practices to make more 500K to Million Dollar Billers

“From Contingent to Mutually Committed(Retained)” 10 week Program – increase your billings by 3-6x in 2018

New Recruiter Training – Quarterly Group Programs where we train for performance in research, recruiting and business development using best practices and the million dollar biller way.

Research Services – hourly, weekly or Monthly from the World’s best researchers in the US, Columbia and India.

Sherpa Coaching – Small Groups and Individual one on one programs to help you reach your summit.Sherpa Accountability Groups – Big changes happen in small groups focused on the right processes. The Sherpa way. Join today.

Contract/Temporary Back Office Services – The most comprehensive solutions at the most competitive rates

Next Level Exchange: Recruiting Training

Next Level Exchange’s website membership covers Foundation Training, Just-in-Time Training, and Ongoing Training.  Broken down into 20 minute segments, the completely cohesive Foundation Training Program is any Owner’s solution to quickly ramping up new hires while still maintaining a high level of personal production.  Learn More »

Red Gate Adventures- Making it RAIN with Jon Bartos!

Making it Rain: Increase Your Billings by 2 - 10x in 90 days Without Working Harder! 

The Analytics and Critical Success Factors of Big Billers and the Quantum Leap Theorems 


Why do High Performing Offices and the World’s Top BiIler’s produce as much as 35 x’s more than that of the average billers? This incredible disparity in effectiveness is not just in Recruiting, it’s in everything - profession, school, sport or business. 


After 10 years of researching the Analytics and the studying the World’s most successful people, top Billers and offices - Million Dollar Biller - Thought Leader and Top Speaker Jon Bartos has uncovered the Secret. It’s understanding and focusing on improving the Quantum Leap Theorems. Those specific formulas most of the time pointing at specific skillsets that can give you a 2-10x or more growth, and virtually overnight. 


In this disruptive recruiting industry Seminar – Jon will take you through what the top office and big billers are doing to see those incredible successes, explain what the Quantum Leap Thereoms are as well as walk you through what YOU NEED to do to get there to start seeing those Quantum Performance Leaps on your desk. 

Quantum Leap Theorem: The specific formula that points to the Quantum Leap in performance.  Most times it points to a very specific skillset.

Example: “The number of job orders taken divided by the number of placements in a given period points to the “Quality of Work Taken” theorem and provides up to a 12x increase in performance if effectively performed”


 Participants will be able to walk away with: 

- Understand the Time/Money Equation and how to make it works for you 

- Getting past the fear of change and how to get out of defined comfort zones 

- Experience the Paradigm Shift – Success is NOT about working Harder 

- Get a PHD in Talent Management – How to Hire High Performing Teams and Minimize Mis-hires 

- Understand Recruiting Analytics – your Road Map to your Success 

- Learn the Principle of Incremental Increase 

- Understand the Critical Success Factors of Big Billers (and Big Offices) 

- Understand the Principles of Quantum Leap Theorems 

- Understand the 7 Quantum Leap Theorems in Recruiting and how to Quickly Experience a Quantum Leap in Each 

- Receive Scripts and Role Playing in Each Quantum Leap Theorem – customized to YOU 

- How to Shift from Managing Incrementally to Managing focus on Quantum Leaps 

- How to Completely Eliminate Turn Downs and Fall Offs 

- How to Hire Top Recruiters 

- Understand on how to Use Technology in Direct Response Lead Generation to your advantage in Todays Market 

- Receive the 10 Scripts that are Rocking the Recruiting World today. 


  • Also recieve 90 Days of USE of RPM Dashboard for entire office ($1000 Value)
  • One on One Coaching: Free One Hour of Follow UP Coaching on implementation ($1000 Value)
  • Take away value over $7999!  

“The content delivered by Jon Bartos is presented with great passion for the staffing and recruiting industry. Jon’s content is always fresh as he continually adapts to the ever changing dynamics of the industry which is why he is in such demand.”   -Robert Krzak CPC, CERS, President, Gecko Hospitality

“There is one event that is Rocking The Recruiting World in 2018! It’s Jon Bartos’ “Making it Rain” Seminar. Don’t Miss it.” - Jeremy Sisemore, CPC and CERS Certified  President & Founder Board of Directors - The Pinnacle Society - a premier consortium of industry-leading recruiters in North America.

Join Jon in his....

Making it RAIN Workshop coming soon...  Watch for dates in 2019!

Questions??? Call us at 314-560-2627 or 


Scott Wintrip: WCG

Scott Wintrip is the founder of the Wintrip Consulting Group, a global consultancy in St. Petersburg, Florida. His mission is to eliminate hiring delays, so companies always have the talent they need instead of empty seats. During the past three decades, Scott has helped large organizations, like AFLAC, Bank of America, Boeing, Procter & Gamble, Randstad, and the Red Cross as well as small and mid-market companies, such as Aquent, Kohl’s, MAKO Surgical, and Valpak leverage the power of their people. For four years in a row, Scott has been named to the “Staffing 100” as one of the world’s 100 most influential staffing leaders. He’s also made Recruiter Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40,” as one of the most influential executives under 40 years old. 

As an author, Scott wrote Sales Yoga: A Transformational Practice for Opening Doors and Closing Deals. Each week, his articles and blog posts are featured on dozens of sites. Also, his newsletter, The Zero-to-Fill Update, is read by thousands of subscribers.


 Learn More »

Steve Finkel: Breakthrough

Unproven, unprofessional training is a gamble. But for well over 2 decades, thousands of owner/managers around the world have relied on Steve Finkel and Professional Search Seminars. Our totally proven, time-tested products and services, designed for today's market, will dramatically increase your production!  Learn More »