Staffing Spotlight: Insurance Recruiters

How National Insurance Recruiters Association benefit from being a member of


General Placement Service ( is a long-standing executive recruiting agency that specializes in the insurance industry.  The founder of the firm was also a founding member of a Cooperative Placement organization nearly 35 years ago.  This organization that has helped General Placement Service prosper and provided an immense resource for our Recruiters to be even more successful.  A quick history…


In 1987, several Recruiters specializing in insurance, got together to form 2 separate split networks that would be dedicated to the insurance industry.  They were membership associations with guidelines and procedures that would encourage members to work together on splitting placements.  It became known as National Insurance Recruiters Association (NIRA).  


As National Insurance Recruiters Association grew, so did their website -  Doing so increased their Search Engine Optimization and they are now listed at the top for most insurance-recruiting phrases all over the country.  Their website serves a dual purpose: a job board for candidates and a way for members to share jobs with other members.  If a Recruiter posts a job on, another member might reach out to discuss a candidate they know who would fit the requirements.  Placements are generally split 50/50 with half going to each member.  The website has become so successful for the organization, they recently rebranded as


"This is typical in the recruiting industry – doing split business among firms.  It usually requires each agency to have an agreement and to establish a level of trust before information is shared (candidate name, client name, resume, etc)," said Eric Vecchiola, President of General Placement Service.  "In most cases, split placements are very smooth.  One firm has a job; one firm has a candidate – they put the two together and split the resulting fee. Unfortunately, there are times that the placement does not go smoothly or falls apart.  This is where a Split Association has a great benefit – to have bylaws, policies and procedures in place that govern."


All members of are required to meet certain qualifications before they can be considered a member.  References are checked and new members are considered ‘Interim’ for one year before they are voted in by membership.  This gives other members a chance to work with this new member and ensure they meet the high expectations we have for our members – active, ethical, honest.  You can be assured that any member you work with in NIRA has gone through this same evaluation process, and therefore, trust the person you are doing business with.  


In addition to a thorough evaluation process, the Association has a detailed set of Policies and Procedures that layout expectations of how recruiters should communicate with each other throughout the placement process.  


Lastly, they have an Ethics Committee that is tasked with evaluating any complaints or situations where a member feels something was done improperly.  The committee reviews details from both sides and decides how to proceed.  As expected, this committee is rarely called upon as most members exceed ethical expectations and work incredibly well together.  


Each year, their association does more than $1,000,000 in split business!  Eric Vecchiola's business General Placement Service has averaged $30,000-$50,000 per year in additional split business!

The top splitting member has done over $100,000 in split business each year for the past decade!


"For many Recruiters, the added income of splits would be enough of a reason to join this association.  But that is only one of the ways our membership in has benefited General Placement Service," Eric Vecchiola told EMinfo.    


"Each year, the association has an annual convention that is held at a unique location chosen by its members.  The meeting spans 3-days with a full schedule of events – training, networking, roundtables, luncheons and a lot of fun times.  Members are encouraged to meet with each other and build relationships and encourage more split business."  


"The training that is provided is another great benefit.  The association has teamed up with will-renowned speaker, Jon Bartos (  According to his website, Jon is the quintessential thought leader, trainer, speaker and consultant on all aspects of Human Capital, Talent Management and Performance Management.  He hosts several hours of training throughout the annual convention on topics that focus on improving recruiting techniques.  He has also been gracious enough to attend other events during the convention to give members the opportunity for one-on-one Q&A with him.  Other trainers have included Roger Lear, Rob Mosley, AIRS, Exelare, LinkedIn,, Indeed and Judy Collins…just to name a few." 


"One of the greatest benefits of being a part of this association is the support that our members provide to each other.  We often share ideas about market conditions, techniques, software, trends, technology or just a funny story to lighten up the day.  I consider many members in the group to be some of my closest friends and role models.  They have helped me grow my business, improve my recruiting skills and increase my earnings."  


"I hope sharing my own story has provided some insight into our background and the doors that will open when you join  If you’d like to know more about the advantages that I have experienced over the last 20 years of membership, please contact me.  If you’re interested in joining, visit the Contact Us tab on our website and submit your information," said Eric. "You can be sure a helpful member will reach out to talk with you about the process."  


Editor's Note: Eric Vecchiola is President of General Placement Service.  He joined in 2002, was elected onto the Board of Directors in 2008 and served as President for two consecutive terms - from 2013-2017.  He is happy to talk about joining.  Send him a message.