10 Sample Will-Get-Opened E-Mail Subject Lines

  By Kathleen Kurke  |    Sunday November 12, 2018

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Is most of your day spent reading/sending emails? Or, staring at your inbox hoping something important will fly into your inbox? Shame on you, because we both know that email is the sandbox of those pretending to look busy. 


Unless you’re sending emails that get opened and responded to. 


The statistics are startling:

• 35 percent of recipients decide if they’ll open an email based on the subject line alone.

• 69 percent only look at the email subject line before deciding to mark a message as spam.


If your emails don’t get opened, they don’t get read. And, if they don’t get read, nothing happens. And that means you’ll still be staring at your inbox hoping something will happen. Sad. 

Pay attention to the email subject lines that catch YOUR attention. They probably have these characteristics:


• There might be something in it for you. You probably don’t feel sold to. You open because there might be something in there of value to you; something to help you. 

• You’ve got FOMO. Fear of missing out is powerful, whether it’s the latest fashion trend, viral video or something hot related to work. If everybody else is going to know about it, you want to know about it too. FOMO email subject lines include words that imply time sensitivity. 

• It’s a call to action that appeals to you. Someone is asking something of you and you might want to help.

• You’re curious. The subject line gives you just enough information to make you want more.

Feeling your pain. The subject line suggests a solution to something that’s a trouble spot or pain point for you. 


Here are 10 Sample Will-Get-Opened Email Subject Lines Create variations of these subject lines relevant to your own desk specialty to increase your open rates and get the conversation started to create action and advancement.  


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Remember, if you’re not adding value to the recipient’s email inbox, you’re just taking up space. 

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