Overcoming Cultural Latency: How Video Technologies Support Today’s Hybrid Workplace

  By Colin Farquhar  |    Thu Jun 27, 2024

Category: Expert Advice, Productivity, Technology, Trends

Video technologies are emerging as critical tools for overcoming cultural latency in the digital workplace in today’s fast-paced business landscape. The robustness and reliability of video technology, particularly internet protocol television (IPTV), creates unique opportunities to deliver consistent messages and shared experiences across global facilities, bridging the gap between remote...

Headshots for Recruiters: Self-Portrait Photography

  By Cole Windler  |    Tue Jun 25, 2024

Category: Expert Advice, Marketing

Having a professional headshot is more than just a nicety; it’s a necessity as first impressions are increasingly made online. For recruiters, whose job revolves around making connections and fostering relationships, a headshot is more than just a photo; it’s a visual handshake, a way to say “hello” before words...

Discover the Advantages of Back Office Software for Staffing Agencies

  By Jennifer Roeslmeier  |    Tue Jun 25, 2024

Category: Productivity, Technology

Staffing software plays a vital role in a staffing company’s operation. Staffing software can help companies be more efficient and streamline tasks to drive business growth. Deciding on the right ATS and CRM solution is often a topic of discussion. Your back office software is just as important though as...

Where Are All the Jobs?

  By Judy Collins  |    Tue Jun 25, 2024

Category: Columns, Expert Advice

Wondering where the hot jobs are for 2024? The latest trends in the constantly shifting labor marketplace can be seen by looking at recent statistics for indicators such as in-demand job titles, fastest-growing careers, fastest-growing cities, desired skill sets, and remote work opportunities. This article will review data for these...

Letting Go: A Recruiter's Guide to Focus and Clarity

  By Jason Thibeault  |    Tue Jun 25, 2024

Category: Columns, Expert Advice, Motivational, Productivity, Recruiting

Embracing the Art of Letting Go in Recruiting In the high-stress, high-stakes world of recruiting, it's easy to become bogged down by anxiety and frustration. These emotions are not just distractions; they're obstacles on your path to success. Recognizing what's worth your energy and what's not is crucial. Let me tell...

How to Re-engage Former Clients and Win New Ones in Recruitment

  By Michael Gionta  |    Tue Jun 25, 2024

Category: Columns, Expert Advice

Question: I do a lot of MPC business development calls. I am struggling with what to say to (1) a former client I have not talked with in a while and really don’t have a strong MPC and (2) what to say with no MPC to a brand-new client. -Sharon The...

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