7 Productive, Unique and Fun Places to Work Remotely 

  By Avionte, Mitch Rudolph  |    Tuesday February 12, 2020

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Working remotely, or at least occasionally, is rapidly becoming the new norm, especially in the staffing sector. In fact, it’s estimated that 73 percent of teams will have remote workers by 2028.

Recruiters included!

Thanks to advances in technology, most recruiting software is accessible from anywhere on any device, which broadens the work environment for recruiters. As long as there’s a steady internet connection and reliable cell service, recruiters can work from just about anywhere.

While there’s nothing wrong with going into the office 9-5, Monday through Friday, a change of surroundings can be refreshing and productive. We’re not kidding about the productivity factor either, a recent survey unveiled that 65% of respondents are more productive in their home office than at a traditional workplace.

Without further ado, here’s our list of productive, unique and fun places to work remotely from:

Coffee Shop

Cafe joints literally fuel your productivity with a decadent, caffeinated elixir known as coffee, so why not go right to the source to kick off your workday? Coffee shops offer a fresh change of pace from the office. From the unique vibes, limiting distractions and nearly guaranteed Wi-Fi, it’s hard not to have a productive day at a coffee joint. At a minimum, just about any coffee shop is better than the stuff they serve in the office, right?

Take it up a notch – For optimal fun, find an area with a high concentration of cafes and pick out a route for a “coffee crawl,” where you spend a few hours at each place before moving on to the next spot. This gives you a better taste (literally) of which coffee shops work for you and which ones don’t.



The library is a fantastic place to put your head down and get stuff done. The only downside? Making phone calls is forbidden or at the very least, strongly discouraged but if you’re looking for a quiet environment, this is your spot. Whether it’s finding new candidates, scrubbing your ATS, reviewing resumes or anything else a recruiter needs to get done, the local library is the place! At a glance, the library offers:

Peace and quiet

Unique atmosphere

Distraction free

A plethora of books, articles and audiobooks for research


Take it up a notch – Find a library that has a coffee shop attached for added productivity and a spot to step out if you need to take a call.

Local University

Relive the glory days of college to some degree (pardon the pun) by working on campus. Most universities or colleges come equipped with Wi-Fi, plenty of spots to study/work and a local hot spot or two to get a cheap lunch.



Over 100 well-documented studies have shown that being in nature can have positive impacts on the brain, body, feeling, thought process and social interactions, which makes it an especially appealing place to work from. The only downside? Lack of internet and in some cases, cell services but luckily there’s mobile hotspots and cell coverage just about everywhere. Scope out a park, forest or your favorite trail and get out there!

Take it up a notch – Have a long list of phone calls to make or candidates to interview? Perhaps the serenity of nature can help provide a positive environment to get this done.



While visiting a place that serves alcohol might seem counter-intuitive, most breweries offer a unique and fun atmosphere to work remotely. And as a bonus, many of them serve a variety of non-alcoholic beverage choices. Plus, when you’re ready to log off, there’s a delicious craft beer waiting for you.

Take it up a notch – Depending on the job posting and candidate, schedule an interview at a local brewery for an unforgettable and unique interview experience.



Whether it’s visiting a new city, a new state or even a new country, a new environment can have a profound impact on your creativity. Perhaps one of the best ways to feel and look like a local is to work like one, or at least a remote working local. Take a drive to an artsy small town or even extend your vacation a few extra days by working in that particular place. Whether it’s from a local small-town café, a hammock in Mexico, or a trendy coffee shop in NYC, make your remote work environment fun!

Take it up a notch – Have an upcoming work trip in a cool city? Why not extend a few days and work remotely in that city?

Botanical Garden

Wonderful aromas? Check. Beautiful colors? Check. A unique and creative place to work? Check! Working from a botanical garden (both indoor and outdoor) is the ultimate way to reduce stress. While Wi-Fi is not guaranteed, fresh air is abundant.

Working remotely is rapidly becoming the new normal or at least 74 percent of people think so. Hopefully, these seven spots give you some inspiration and ideas to test out with your own flexible work schedule. If there’s a place we missed on our list, we’d love to hear about it!


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