A Relationship Primer

  By Diane Skullr  |    Thursday December 2, 2011

Category: Motivational


It is apparent that Recruiters/Talent Acquisition Professionals (you) and Client HR Professionals have difficulty working together as a cohesive team.   You both have the same ultimate goal yet seem to be at odds with each other in the execution.  In a recent article by Katie Turrel,  titled “The Power of Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Working Together”, Katie tells us that “Talent Acquisition and HR should be governed by the same rule that applies to how best friends treat one another (respect and protect each other’s interest).” 

To do this, both sides must agree that you and HR have two very different skill sets and that each brings different strengths to the table.  You must both recognize and acknowledge these differences and work together to build a relationship.   Sure, some of the skill sets overlap.  HR is highly capable of doing some of the tasks that you feel are your responsibility (such as presenting the job offer).  You are certainly capable of doing most of what HR is doing (such as working with the actual hiring manager).    If you can both agree to these similarities and understand these differences, even concede that they are gifted in some other areas, this will give you the foundation and the time to build a professional relationship.

You will need to accept that your mutual success depends on working together as true partners. What is promised on the front end should be materialized in the hiring process.

How??   Communication, Communication, Communication!!

Talk to them.  They are NOT the enemy.  They are not the evil barrier keeping you from your placement, your fee.  They have expectations.  You have expectations.  Share them with each other – up front.  No, you can’t work with everyone.  You shouldn’t want to.  There will be differences of opinion and there will be concessions.  If you cannot come to terms – an agreement as to the steps of the process - then pass and move on to a job order where you can work in compliance with each other, working together toward the common objective.

Katie’s article is in an online HR publication.  The Human Resources profession concedes that there is a gap.  They too are working on industry training for their profession.  They want to build professional working relationships with you.   

As Katie says, “The concept is simple; Talent Acquisition and HR Professionals must work hand in hand. After all they both fall under the same HR umbrella with the same end goal in place!”

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