Avionté Introduces Avionté 24/7 App, Bringing WorkN Candidate Experience Technology to Broader Segment of Staffing Firms

  By Avionte  |    Wednesday November 10, 2021

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Avionté, a leader in enterprise staffing and recruiting software, today introduced Avionté 24/7, a new mobile talent enablement app powered by WorkN technology. The pre-configured app includes the full suite of WorkN functionality under the Avionté 24/7 brand, allowing staffing firms of all sizes to offer talent a comprehensive mobile experience throughout every stage of their journey. By focusing on improving the candidate experience, staffing firms benefit from increasing recruiter productivity, talent satisfaction, and redeployment rates. As an alternative to WorkN’s white-labeled offering, Avionté 24/7 can be implemented seamlessly and cost-effectively by any client on the AviontéBOLD platform.

“We are thrilled to expand the reach of our candidate experience technology to many more staffing firms with the introduction of Avionté 24/7,” said Avionté CEO Rishabh Mehrotra. “As staffing undergoes a technology-led consumer transformation, we are committed to ensuring our clients have the right solutions to remain at the forefront of the industry. Employers who can attract, vet, onboard, and schedule workers remotely maintain a significant competitive advantage. With the Avionté 24/7 app, we ensure all our staffing clients, no matter their size or scope, can deliver an outstanding candidate experience.”

Avionté estimates that fewer than one in five staffing firms utilize talent enablement software today. With a simplified footprint, standard Avionté branding, and a streamlined process for set up and implementation, Avionté 24/7 levels the playing field by enabling more firms to take advantage of this sophisticated candidate experience technology. Available on iOS and Android devices, Avionté 24/7 is designed to use AviontéBOLD’s database and system of record to enable:

    Quick and easy talent enrollment

    Skills matching and algorithmic distribution of jobs to ensure talent receives notifications of relevant opportunities

    Real-time, in-app push notifications of job opportunities

    Flexibility in job distribution: opportunities can be presented to candidates in Offer, Interest, or Schedule Mode to attract, engage, and place talent across all staffing verticals

    Mobile timekeeping with bi-directional performance ratings and geo-fencing

    Robust data and analytics

    Deep integrations with other best-in-class talent enablement solutions

    The option to upgrade to a white-labeled mobile offering as your staffing company grows

“Early adopters of candidate experience technology in staffing have achieved dramatic improvements in profitability, growth, and employee satisfaction,” commented Ericka Hyson, the President of WorkN, a division of Avionté. “Avionté 24/7 delivers a streamlined mobile candidate experience, allowing firms to improve response rates, reduce no-shows, drive higher retention rates, increase referrals, and boost re-engagement. The integration with AviontéBOLD minimizes change management, allowing the recruiter to continue to work out of the ATS. The skills matching and real-time algorithmic distribution of jobs boosts recruiter productivity, providing the opportunity to focus on high value activities. Today’s talent expects a seamless, frictionless experience. Firms that are easy to do business with and are focused on improving the customer experience will have an edge.”

WorkN and Avionté will continue to innovate and enhance Avionté 24/7 to broaden its appeal to all staffing and recruiting verticals. Avionté’s 24/7 clients will have the option of upgrading to a customized, white-labeled mobile app as their businesses grow and needs change.

To learn more about Avionté 24/7 or schedule a demo, please reach out: info@avionte.com.

About Avionté

Avionté is a leader in enterprise staffing and recruiting software solutions, offering innovative end-to-end technology solutions to nearly 1,000 customers and 25,000 users throughout the U.S. and Canada. Avionté delivers a robust platform for clerical, light industrial, IT, and professional staffing firms to maximize profits and boost productivity. WorkN, a division of Avionté, is the premier candidate experience technology provider to the staffing industry. WorkN’s mobile talent enablement app combined with Avionté’s powerful ATS, billing, and payroll solutions, including the first paycard designed specifically for the staffing industry, help staffing firms of all sizes and scopes scale and grow their businesses.

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