Career Challenges by Frank Burtnett Released

  By Frank Burtnett  |    Thursday October 27, 2022

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Rowman & Littlefield has announced the release of Career Challenges: Straight Talk about Achieving Success in a Technology Driven-Driven, Post-COVID World of work by Frank Burtnett, long-time contributor to the Career Mechanic feature in  EMInfo. The book is actually the third edition of Career Errors, a popular resource of search and staffing professionals.  Dr. Burtnett recently took the opportunity to talk with EMInfo about this new edition.


EMInfo: What is the basic theme of Career Challenges? 

Burtnett: The theme of Career Errors is extended in Career Challenges in that it deals with the myriad career development encounters that people experience across the life-span. The book begins with a comprehensive examination of the career development process and why these eight phases must be understood in order for career success and satisfaction to be achieved. This analysis is followed by a meticulous treatment of more than two dozen significant challenges that members of the workforce must confront and resolve as they navigate their career experience.


EMInfo: What can the reader expect in the message you offer?

Burtnett: Career Challenges discusses in detail the things that people "should do," “do wrong” and ‘don’t do” in their quest for career success and satisfaction. It also addresses the importance of life-work balance, a principle that the younger generation of workers has set as a priority in their career, occupation and job goals.


EMInfo: What do the new chapters cover in this revision?

Burtnett: Added to this edition are two new chapters dealing with the changing nature of work, workers, and the workplace in a high technology, post COVID world. There is a “new normal” in how work is performed around the globe and this edition exposes the reader to an array of those changes and the contemporary strategies to identifying and acquiring their first and future jobs.


EMInfo: What audience are you targeting with Career Challenges?

Burtnett: Individuals at any stage of the career development process, from career and educational choices to applying for employment, will find something valuable in Career Challenges. For that reason, the book might be made available in the libraries of search and staffing firms. Further, search and recruiting professionals will benefit themselves from learning of the basic career growth, mobility and maintenance challenges different candidates are facing as they interact with them.

Career Challenges by Frank Burtnett Released


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