ChatGPT + Recruiting: Recruit smarter with AI

  By Cole Windler  |    Thursday May 18, 2023

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Modern recruiters are continuously looking for new and creative ways to identify, assess, and secure the potential talent for the client companies they act as extensions of. With new and unprecedented access to machine learning and developing artificial intelligence products, these technologies are becoming an important part of the hiring process and have opened numerous new ways to ensure the right candidate is hired for the right job. Below are six ways you can effectively use AI tools like ChatGPT in recruiting. 

Pre-Screen Candidates 

AI-based algorithms can be used to evaluate candidate profiles and skillsets, making sure they are the right fit for the position they are applying to. Time is the one thing we can’t make more of. AI in recruiting helps you perform more essential actions every minute.  

Target Talent 

AI-powered job postings and advertisements can be tailored to ensure the right audience is being targeted and the right candidates are receiving the recruitment information. With a little bit of human-sourced direction, your content can be repurposed and rewritten to reach the particular personas you’re looking for.  

Find Hidden Talents 

AI can help to discover new skills and areas of expertise in candidates who might have gone unnoticed during the recruitment process. We can often dismiss a professional that is part of a large candidate pool because they might not check every box on the surface. Using AI in recruiting can shine a light on those rare finds who just need a chance and the right workplace to shine.  

Optimize Talent Pooling 

With the help of AI, recruiters can identify and track top talent in specific industries, helping them quickly build out a list of highly qualified prospects for current and future hiring needs. 

Streamline Recruiting Workflows 

AI can automate mundane and time-consuming tasks, such as paperwork and interview scheduling, freeing up recruiters to focus on more high-value work. 

Automate the Interview Process 

AI-powered virtual interviews allow recruiters to quickly get to know their potential candidates and identify those who have the most potential for success. Adding AI to your recruitment and interview process allows your firm to devote a greater amount of time to your shortlisted candidates, getting to know your more potent matches in a shorter amount of time.   

Provide Quality Assessments 

AI tools can assess quality when completing specific tasks—such as call center customer service—to ensure that recruitment processes are consistently delivering quality results. Making contact and receiving usable and quantifiable feedback is a huge part of steering your search process in the right direction. AI in recruiting can automate its capture and presentation, allowing for real-time, potent adjustment.  

At Recruiters Websites, we want our clients to understand all the ways emerging AI can help them more effectively source high-level talent. If you are a recruiter, now is the time to take advantage of these technologies and unlock their full potential. Increase the use of your bandwidth and do more with every action you take. If you need help creating a digital property that houses your recruiting AI technologies or integrates with your existing systems, give us a call. We want to be your recruiting tech and marketing resource. 



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