Clearing the Fee

  By Jeffrey G. Allen  |    Sunday November 5, 2012

Category: Expert Advice, Legal


What Client Says:


You didn't clear the fee with us before you told us the candidate's name.


How Client Pays:


Your greatest leverage exists at one point, and one point only. It's just after you present –and just before you identify – a candidate the client thinks she wants to hire.


Note there are two phases to the referral:


1. Present, and


2. Identify.


If you haven't fully cleared your fee in writing prior to identifying the candidate, you've lost your leverage – and given away your stock in trade.


Now, the way to get paid is to show the following chronology:


1. Referral of the candidate (because you've already presented and identified).


2. Clearing the fee.


3. Interview with the candidate.


This is doing it the hard way -- but get the timing right, and you'll also get a full fee!

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