Credit Card (CC) Payments

  By Judy Collins  |    Tuesday August 23, 2022

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Dear Just Ask Judy:

“I have a client that is asking about Credit Card (CC) payments. Do you have a way that I can offer this benefit to my client?” … Need Payment in Charlotte 


Dear Need Payment in Charlotte:

My dad used to say that a deal is never done until you get paid. So how do you make it easier for your customers to pay you? Simply provide the option that best suits their needs to facilitate a transaction conveniently and securely. Accepting credit and debit cards as a form of payment is a great alternative to being paid by check or ACH.

In the current economic climate, you may want to have the ability to charge your client and receive payment quickly, instead of waiting for a check to be mailed. This could be a real benefit if you have any doubts about your client’s ability to pay. You may also wish to offer your clients a cash option at a lower price or a CC option with a small processing fee. 

Now, the next question is where do I start? You need to connect with a payment processing provider. By providing a few documents detailing your business history and by providing information about your client, your account can be approved with a merchant ID to accept payments. Next, you would want to determine how to collect funds with a checkout page or pay portal. The payment processing provider can assist with providing the right tools to accept the payments in the method you and your client agree upon. I spoke to Brent Winter with Nuvei Commerce. Nuvei can provide these services to help you with your client’s request! If you would like to explore payment options, please contact 


I hope this helps answer your question!



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