Differentiate Your Staffing Agency From the Competition

  By Judy Collins  |    Tuesday January 10, 2023

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Dear Just Ask Judy:

There are a lot of staffing firms looking for the same candidates that I am. How do I differentiate my staffing agency from the competition?

… Tentative in Tennessee



Dear Tentative in Tennessee:

Thank you for your question! With so much competition out there, staffing firms must find creative ways of standing out. Most firms follow the same routine practices of posting job opportunities. To dig deeper and to explore innovative ways of differentiating your agency from the field, I contacted Lindsay Stanton, President of Digi-Me. Lindsay explained the importance of leveraging video in today’s competitive job market.

Lindsay emphasized that you should go well beyond simply posting a text job on a career site. Promoting your staffing firm and your opportunities with video sells your story in a unique way.  With video, you can reach new candidate pools and you can track your results. Lindsay pointed out a few significant reasons to do this: 


  1. Video is a way to tell a story and really show your brand in a compelling way
  2. It is much easier to digest the message from a short video over long text
  3. Video is easy to click and watch from a mobile device
  4. Job seekers are often watching videos on their social media feeds
  5. Search engines, like Google, give preference to video in their rankings


Lindsay commented that when you craft the right 60-second ad using a video, you will attract more candidates. Plus, when you use the right video partner, you can track your results. Knowing where candidates are coming from will help your team strategize how you promote your job openings in the future. 

If you have questions about video recruitment and tracking your results I suggest you contact Lindsay directly at Digi-Me. She will be happy to explain to you the benefits of this exciting, innovative technique. You can contact Lindsay by email at lstanton@digi-me.com. 

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