Four Hot Topics your Client Prospects WILL Want to Talk About

  By Kathleen Kurke  |    Sunday November 12, 2018

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If you’re calling prospects and telling them “I’ve got a guy for you” or, it’s likely they’re not answering the phone or returning your call. Neither of these topics are what your prospects care about, thinking about, or are talking about inside their own organization, so they’ll likely see no value to talking about those topics with you. 

But, here are four (4) topics that WILL interest your prospects, so build your call and conversation strategies around these topics:

• Innovation

• Competition Differentiation

• Growth

• Talent Shortage

Framing your calls to prospective clients and candidates in terms of business issues will set you apart from other recruiters and have you in conversation about topics that are core to what clients and candidates are already talking about every day at work. Regardless of the stock market trajectory or the political landscape, these business issues are at the core of every company’s challenge to make money and save money.

Here’s how to have business-issue related conversations that are relevant to prospective clients and candidates.

Become aware of business issues relevant to your niche. 

• Google it. Examples: ‘Innovation in Clinical Trials Industry’, ‘Competition in Building Products Industry’, or ‘Talent Shortage in Medical Devices Industry’.

• Check the headlines. What are leading industry or business publications reporting about what’s going on in your industry related to these topics? Check the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, and/or industry specific publications. 

• Ask everybody you talk to during the day about business issues. Example: “What are the biggest business struggles you’re seeing in the industry?”

Always lead your calls with business issues conversation. Here are some examples:

• Topic: Innovation

“I’m always so fascinated when I read about innovation our industry and it prompted me to wonder:  what are the areas in which your organization is trying to innovate and what are the skill sets you need for that innovation to be successful?”


“Even when my clients tell me everything is going well, there’s almost always a skill set they need NOW to be ready for future innovation. What’s that skill set in your organization?”

• Topic: Competitive Differentiation

“We’re in a marketplace where there’s an incredible push toward commoditization, so differentiation is tough. What are the skill sets you need on your team to continue to set your company apart in this tough marketplace?”


“Making great product is important, but we all know the people on your team can make an even bigger difference in this competitive market. What skills sets do you need on the team to maintain/expand your competitive position in the marketplace?”

• Topic: Growth

“Sometimes grabbing market share requires more than just the people you already have working harder. It requires more talented people connected with prospective customers who need what you do. Where can you benefit from growth if you have more talented people in the field?”


“What are the benchmarks you’re expecting your group to be at in 3 years. What skills sets do you need to hire now to hit that goal?”

• Topic: Talent Shortage

“Maybe it’s fake news, but the headlines are filled with stories about skills shortages. What are the most critical skills your company can’t afford to be without?”


“I’m noticing your company job postings that don’t go away, and that’s got to be worrisome You’re not alone, that’s why my clients hire me. The caliber of talent they need has too much to do to find those postings and they need to find a better way to reach the talent they need in such a competitive landscape. Of all those postings, what’s the biggest pain point?”

Bring a business issue into every conversation and you’ll always have something to talk about. 


Kathleen Kurke specializes in Productivity and Profitability Coaching in the Recruiting Industry. If you or your team would like to make better choices on working Job Orders to increase your production and pro tability, reach out to Kathleen at 

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