By Judy Collins  |    Monday March 13, 2018

Category: Expert Advice, Funding


Adding temp and contract placements to your existing direct-hire business can improve your profitability in several ways. Your income stream can be increased by accepting temp and contract placements when the opportunity comes up instead of passing them by. Your clients can be kept happy by servicing their short-term needs in addition to their direct-hire requirements. Temp and contract placements are also a means by which a client can evaluate a potential direct-hire employee for a trial period before fully committing to the direct hire. If you don’t provide this service, your client may go to your competitors. Ask your clients if they have any payrolling needs. Partnering with a third-party vendor to provide this service can help you maintain a relationship with the client to help ensure their future business.

Temp and contract placements can improve your profitability by tapping into the changing dynamics of today’s workplace. Many experienced workers appreciate the freedom of a contract placement, enabling them to pursue their life goals without the time encumbrance of a direct-hire position. Take advantage of this ever-growing pool of talent and facilitate their placement in the workforce. Millennials often like the temp and contract assignment as the job experience they gain helps them build their resumes for future direct-hire positions and allows them more flexibility in their career path. Achieving a satisfying work/life balance is very important to both these growing demographics.

A third-party vendor can help you get set up to do temp and contract placements when they arise. They can provide:

• Funding and processing of weekly payroll

• On-line on-boarding process

• Electronic timesheets

• Tax reporting (both Federal and State)

• Workers’ Comp and general liability

• Management of unemployment claims

• A complete package of employee benefits including medical, dental, vision, and 401-K.

Third-party vendors are set up in all fifty states, so you need only recruit the candidate for the position and leave the back-office issues to the third-party vendor. There is no cost to get set up for these services, nor is there any obligation to use the services once set up. But you will be prepared when you have a placement opportunity!

Making use of a third-party vendor for temp and contract placements will allow you to focus on what you do best: direct-hire recruiting. You do not have to pass up the chance to monetize potential temp and contract placements when they occur, but instead can take full advantage of the opportunity by letting a third-party vendor help you GO FOR THE GREEN…WITH TEMP AND CONTRACT PLACEMENTS!


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