Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Careers and Occupations

  By Frank Burtnett  |    Wednesday June 28, 2023

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EMinfo Reader: I'm getting a lot of inquiries from candidates for employment as to the careers and occupations that are going to be affected the most by artificial intelligence. What should I be telling them?


Dr. Burtnett: The recent advancements in artificial intelligence have stirred considerable curiosity across all career fields as to which occupations may be affected most by the robots and robotic capabilities that are arriving at a rapid pace in the global workplace.

In many instances artificial intelligence is influencing the work role and the manner in which the occupation has traditionally been performed as in the case of the teacher or professor who now must be concerned as to whether students are having robots perform the writing tasks associated with their assignments.

In other cases, robots are displaying a full capability for performing tasks that were once performed by humans.  Telemarketing roles, where robots make the initial screen calls head the list of occupations that have been made obsolete by these new technological applications.

Close behind are occupations associated with any businesses that rely on standard message creation to serve their customers or facilitates their services. Most notable are the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) links on virtually every website that have replaced the human customer service representative.  

Earlier this year, the Forbes Website carried a story on industries and occupations project to be the most and least affected by artificial intelligence. They include the following:

Industries and Occupations Most Affected

·       Finance and banking

·       Media and marketing

·       Legal services

Industries and Occupations Least Affected

·       Manufacturing and industrial

·       Agriculture

·       Healthcare


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