Kathleen's Survival Tips through Uncertainty

  By Kathleen Kurke  |    Sunday March 23, 2020

Category: Expert Advice, Productivity

Our heads are spinning with the fast changing realities associated with our shared enemy COVID19. When so much seems uncertain, it's important to create a laser focus on what we can create that is certain, reliable and repeatable.  Try these 3 tactics on for size: 
1. Take care of you. 
You were here before; you are here now; you will be here when this has passed. Take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Learn how to breathe and practice regular breathing exercises. If it's cool enough for Navy Seals, it's cool enough for you. When you don't know what else to do, get out and walk around the block. When you're feeling alone, phone a friend. When you find yourself spinning stories about a doomsday future, stop to look around and lock onto something for which you're grateful in this moment. 
2. Operate with a 100% mentality. 
Work. Or, don't work. Whichever you choose in the moment, do what you've chosen at 100%.  Break your day into small increments. And, be where you are 100%. When you sit down to work, focus on work 100%. When you're choosing to do something else, focus on that 100%. If you've been thrown into a side hustle as a home-schooler, be present when that's your choice. When you're sitting out to reach out and connect with folks or craft an MPC email marketing campaign, give it your full attention so you set yourself for success. 
3. Invest in what is economy and pandemic neutral - REALTIONSHIPS. 
Reach out to call everybody in your database. Yes, everybody. Doesn't matter whether you think of them as client or candidate or unknown, you're reaching out to them as human to human. Acknowledge the crazy times. Assure them you'll be there now, during, after. Listen to them. Call higher in an organization than you've called before. Share with them what you're hearing from other companies. Reference articles like this one in Forbes and ask them to describe their crisis response strategy. Let them know you're here to help; you can help with mission critical hiring and you can help as a sounding board. But really really really, reach out. People aren't flying; people aren't out eating at restaurants; people are home waiting for you to call. Call them. 
How's that?



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