Know Your Numbers: 7 Interview Questions Top Performers Can Answer

  By Henry Glickel  |    Thursday October 14, 2021

Category: Expert Advice, Recruiting


It is important to quantify your successes when interviewing for a sales position.  Though successful sales is not all about numbers, top performers know the answers to these questions without hesitation.  

  1. How long is your sales cycle?
  2. How many sales calls do you make per week? (average number of attempted calls)
  3. What percentage of calls resulted in contact? (not voicemail,etc.)
  4. What percentage of calls resulted in an appointment?
  5. What percentage of appointments resulted in a sale?
  6. In the last 6 months what is your % to quota?
  7. How often do you meet or exceed quota? 


When you schedule your next interview, know your numbers.  Be specific.  And be accurate.

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