Letting Go of Negative Emotion for Higher Production

  By Patricia Conlin  |    Tuesday January 25, 2022

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What injustices have you suffered in your life or work as a recruiter. Are you harboring resentments or negative energy right now over slights or mishandled situations? As recruiters, respect can often be hard to win with clients and candidates alike and negative stereotypes can influence others’ treatment of us at times. Whether you have chosen this field or have fallen into, we all acknowledge that the casual rejection and ups and downs of the business can overwhelm even the most successful of us.  Do you think it is easier to bury the negative emotions of past hurts or project failures deep inside than to face them? Guess what? Those past resentments that you are holding onto are impacting your energy and success today so you need to let them go so you can focus on building inner resilience and being in the present instead of living in the past.

If you are able to observe yourself every day and notice that you becoming more tense, irritable or angry on a regular basis, ask yourself what set you off. Sometimes a lost deal or rejected offer can really hurt and it is normal to feel frustrated but if you go to work consistently in a bad mood, you are doing yourself, your staff and your business a real disservice. Other times, we have feelings of being disrespected, insignificant or worthless that overwhelm us for apparently no reason. If we’re honest with ourselves, past wrongs committed by people we expected to respond better aren’t easily forgotten like our normal everyday problems. Betrayal seeps into the bones and carves a well of toxic thoughts and feelings. Anger feels like an effective answer to betrayal, and it takes a lot of pain and suffering to raise your own little army of resentments. Unfortunately, that army is actually a bunch of crafty warriors that are attacking YOU and destroying your ability to let go and move on to better circumstances. Letting go of resentment and negative emotion can be incredibly hard but is incredibly powerful and will help you shift back into a more positive emotional state for higher productivity at work and in life. 


Below are some great tips to shift out of negative emotions and get back to being positive and productive:

  1. GAIN PERSPECTIVE- It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when your unresolved feelings begin snowballing into anger and blame. Be aware of or record your feelings in writing. Revisit later and see if those feelings make sense in the bigger picture.
  2. LET IT GO – The person who “wronged you” probably forgot already. Consider the perspective of the one who hurt you. This person is not sitting gleefully reliving how they once affronted you. More likely, they were unaware they did you harm or totally forgot. No amount of emotive rage will change the past. It’s natural to go through stages of grief when you’ve been hurt in some way. Let yourself go through them. Then let it go.
  3. TAKE THE HIGH ROAD - Taking the high road feels amazing. By now you’ve probably noticed that resentment hasn’t gotten you anywhere. That’s because you’re putting your energy and resources into nursing animosity instead of more fruitful endeavors. When you discuss the situation with the person who wronged you, focus on win-win outcomes for both to build a better go forward. Try to understand why the other person responded the way they did and whether stress or specific circumstances caused the reaction. Bring empathy and understanding to the discussion is hugely helpful. If there is a pattern of disappointment or lack of trust, opt to move on graciously instead of making a scene. It never is worth while holding onto a client or any relationship where trust has been permanently breaches. 

To avoid resentment and negativity, set clear and realistic expectations with clients, candidates and staff/managers to start. Think of what you want and what they want and how both parties can achieve their goals successfully. Remember the below quote when a situation is taking charge of your moods:


“Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” —Hermann Hesse


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