By Judy Collins  |    Tuesday June 27, 2018

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Love the industry that you work in! Working with companies to fill their employment needs and placing people in jobs is very satisfying on multiple levels. With contract placements the company gains an employee to help their enterprise become financially successful; the worker improves their life through gainful employment and you enjoy an income stream. You also enjoy the intrinsic satisfaction derived from changing and improving peoples’ lives.

You can grow your business by giving yourself or your internal staff the tools to succeed in making contract placements. The quality of your work can be markedly improved by taking advantage of a range of training so that you can move forward with your career and not become stagnant. There are several sources of training available such as Next Level Exchange with Rob Mosley, Good As Gold Training with Barb Bruno, as well as other trainers like Greg Doersching and Jon Bartos, just to name a few.

By loving what you do, your enthusiasm will be contagious! Millennials especially appreciate a higher level of communication and involvement in the work process. They can be motivated to a higher level of performance while keeping engaged and interested in matching up companies and people in contract assignments. Making contract placements can provide positive reinforcement in between direct hire placements.

Offering contract placements along with direct hire opportunities is a powerful tool. It can help people across the spectrum: millennial placements may like the job, can see if they fit in, can learn something new, and can move their career along. At the other end of the spectrum, Baby Boomers can have the choice of coming back into the job market as valued consultants. Both groups can achieve the work-life balance they desire.

Be pro-active in giving your internal staff the right tools before your client companies ask for a contract position or before a contract-ready applicant appears. By being ahead of the curve you can make more placements and improve your income stream! Prepare your staff to seize the moment and take advantage of contract opportunities as they appear.

By being prepared in advance and adding contract placements you can see measurable results.   Don’t pass up opportunities and to give yourself an additional income stream. Contract placement can be an engine for growth and a revenue generator...IF YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO!


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