Make Your Relationships Count…With Temp And Contract Placements!

  By Judy Collins  |    Wednesday September 30, 2020

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Relationships are very important in the staffing industry. You can cement your relationship with your client by taking some simple actions. These actions include personalizing your relationship, improving your professional certifications, re-focusing your industry-specific education, and making your time really count.

Make your relationship personal by letting your clients know you are thinking of them and have their best interests at heart. Keep them apprised of events or developments you are aware of in the marketplace that can impact their business and offer them suggestions on how they may best respond. Stay informed about your client’s labor needs and their specific problems. Be creative with guidance on how your client may continue or expand their operation utilizing alternative work arrangements. Many firms have encouraged (or required) their employees to work remotely. This trend may translate into a new paradigm where employees are reluctant to return to the old normal. You may be able to help your client by providing these workers on a contract basis to satisfy this need. Suggest this alternative to your client. Think of your relationship with your client as a partnership and you will earn their appreciation. 

Your professional certifications are an indicator of your commitment to the industry. Review your certifications and then work to earn additional credentials. With the present limitations on travel and gatherings due to the COVID-19, take advantage of opportunities to study for and achieve additional credentials. Some certifications you can work on are:


· NAPS CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant) and CTS (Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist)

· ASA CSP (Certified Staffing Professional)

· PARWCC’s CPCC (Certified Professional Career Coach) and CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer)

· SHRM CP (Certified Professional)


Other specific training opportunities include Barb Bruno’s Good As Gold Training which introduces basic and higher-level candidate sourcing techniques, how to use big data, social media, and tools like LinkedIn Recruiter. Make your clients aware of your progress and demonstrate to them that you are improving your professional credentials in effort to do a better job for them.

Make your time count. Time taken to volunteer for philanthropic activities, self-guided study, and training classes is time well spent. As you decide how to focus your training, be thinking about your client and how your training, education, and certifications can improve their economic health. Their economic well-being is your economic well-being. Cement your relationship with your client by being a better partner!

By partnering with a back-office provider you will be able to act quickly to handle your clients’ temp and contract requests. Call Evergreen today and get set up in advance. There is no cost. No obligation. Use us when you need us. You can MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS COUNT…WITH TEMP AND CONTRACT PLACEMENTS!

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