New study reveals the most popular digital jobs per state

  By news release  |    Thursday June 2, 2022

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•    VoiceNation reveals the most popular digital jobs per state based on data from•    Finance is the most popular digital job overall in the US•    Searches for ‘the great resignation 2022’ have increased by +600% in the past 12 months

Are you an employee looking for your next digital role, or a digital nomad looking for the next place to visit? With the great resignation continuing into 2022, now is the time to think about a career change or a change of scenery…

The number of digital jobs has soared in the past decade, with the number of available web developing and digital interface designers in the US estimated to be at 205,000 come 2033! In addition to this, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark topped the list of digitalization in 2022. In other words, employees are spoilt for choice, whether you want to remain in the US, or go abroad!

Taking it upon themselves to find the most popular digital jobs per state, VoiceNation revealed the states where you are most likely to find an abundance of certain digital roles, from web development and UX design, to digital PR experts and content writers. 


The most popular digital jobs based on the number of hiring ads online in certain states are:•    California – Cloud computing •    Texas – Finance•    New York – Public relations•    Rhode Island – Finance •    Washington – UX designer•    Kansas – Project management•    Wisconsin – SEO specialist•    Nebraska – AI specialist•    Massachusetts – Graphic designer •    Vermont – I.T 

Best states for employees looking for social media rolesAre you a creative thinker wanting a career in social media and are thinking about moving? North Carolina is the state where you will find an abundance of social media roles available.If you are an SEO specialist looking for the best place to work, then Wisconsin might be the state for you. Out of all the digital roles available, there were most SEO specialist roles available here. Project management was the most advertised job in Kansas, beating SEO, I.T and web development.

Nebraska turns out to be a hotspot for people looking for a role within AI. Rhode Island and Washington are two of the best places to look for a finance role, with this digital job beating web development and SEO as the digital role companies are hiring the most for.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson at VoiceNation said, “We wanted to make it easy for job applicants to find the best places to apply for certain digital roles, and took the extra step to create a map of digital jobs in the US, suiting both natives and internationals who want to explore more of other countries while working within their field.”To read more about the study and its findings, please visit VoiceNation’s blog here. ENDS

Methodology:VoiceNation sourced digital jobs in the US and across Europe from, the jobs being: SEO specialist, public relations, copywriter/content writer, PPC specialist, web developer, UX/UI designer, social media manager/coordinator, CRM specialist, graphic designer, data analyst, AI specialist, cloud computing, video creator, link builder and project management. We calculated the number of jobs in each state and ranked the jobs accordingly before visualizing these in an illustrated map.

Sources:     1.    Search trend taken from the past 90 days from Google Trends worldwide 20/05/20222.    Great resignation 2022 3.    Data from Statista 4. 

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