Owners Only Retreat? Why?

  By Judy Lawton  |    Thursday August 26, 2021

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Nobody on this planet loves to get away more than I do. Any excuse and any time is just about right for me.  So, when California Staffing Professionals Association came along with the idea of an Owners Only Retreat (OOR), I think I may have wrestled myself to be the first one in line.  1999 was the year, so that makes twenty-two in a row for me.  Next OOR up is being held in Sonoma Wine Country on October 13-15, 2021!  It would be a perfect time for YOU to join us!  


Some of the questions I had all of those years ago were:


     *Would other owners accept me? Like Me?   

Not only did they accept me, they embraced me!  And they will you, too.

     *What sorts of things can we discuss?  

If you have a question, there will be someone there going through the same issues and someone else will have already solved it. Everybody talks to everybody else about all sorts of industry related, legislative, and personal lives changing issues.  What is said and done at OOR, stays there. Count on that.

    *What kinds of good information is shared?  

The subjects depend on what’s going on to affect our industry.  And in California, it’s always something!  Some years it’s Workers Compensation, others it’s threatening legislation, and always it’s legal issues that affect every single business owner in this state.  Timely speakers will be addressing all of these and more and of course the discussions amongst the attendees is very impactful. 

     *Will Industry Partners/Vendors be there and will I have a chance to speak with       

       them if I want or need to?  

Absolutely our Industry Partners will be there, but it’s not at all like conference where they’re confined to a booth along the side of a special room.  This scenario is much more intimate and informal.  They’ll have tables set up around us but will mix and mingle with us for all events, speakers and any break-out sessions.  Some of them will even lead discussions and there’s always the bar for after-hours where you can catch them for some personal time.   They’ll be shoulder to shoulder with us like the true friends they are.

     *How much will it cost me?  

BRING CASH!  We always have raffles that include cash, prizes, services, vendor extras, etc.  And since I’ve been in charge of these raffles for many years now, I can promise you, it’s all really good, quality stuff!  All of the extra events like poker, wine tasting and any other side attractions are usually extra and added in after the price of OOR itself.  You sign up for these side trips and events when you sign up for OOR.  If you need to travel to the event, you’ll have to pay for a flight or fuel for your vehicle and of course the cost of a room where the event is held.   All reservations are up to you.   It is worth it!    


So, with all of this said, be sure to come prepared to meet a lot of welcoming Staffing and Recruiting Company Owners who share your joys, pain, heartaches, problems, issues, concerns, etc.  We are a CLAN really because together we can move mountains and solve pretty much anything.  Come and try us on for size!  

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