Recruitment in an era of Mandates & Passports

  By Patricia Conlin  |    Wednesday November 10, 2021

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Some of the recruiters I speak to see 2021 as a year of unbelievable grabs at constitutional freedom. Others see it as a year of more government intervention for covid safety. Whatever your belief, the facts are available around the mandates and passports being pushed in corporations in both the U.S and Canada and around the world. These mandates impact our ability to recruit for organizations and lead to an increase in job openings where candidates do not want to submit to a vaccine to keep a job. Is that good for us as recruiters or not? Let’s discuss some of the key areas where these mandates are neglecting the scientific data and could cause far more harm than good.

At the moment, scientists are highlighting 3 areas of this unprecedented roll-out:

Up to 70% of the population has already acquired natural immunity to this virus that the stated rate of recover is 99.7-99.98%. Natural immunity has been shown to have significantly longer protection. Why isn’t natural immunity being recognized?

Data has shown that the vaccines do not provide a complete immunity or stop transmission. Safe and effective treatments exist to treat this virus that are curing millions around the world.  (

So what is going on? Around the world the shots are being pushed by governments and employees who disagree are being terminated without pay. What is your view on this issue?  Are you able to have a calm discussion with someone who has a different point of view on the topic? Are you able to compare information to ensure you have the correct data? All of these mandates are causing conflict and increasingly people are feeling fearful and paralyzed by the uncertainty. In companies, communities, and households there is also unprecedented division and conflict driven by the covid narrative. Media is fueling the division by pushing left vs. right, anti-this vs pro-that, female vs. male and many other divisions.

The key to stopping this is to stop buying into the Mainstream media and start focusing on what is right vs wrong instead. Are the severe covid measures in the democratic states and in Canada working and justified? Is it correct to turn against your spouse, neighbor, friend, co-worker for making a medical decision that is different than yours? I have seen a high increase in legal action in the corporate setting for covid violations along with increased desperation of employers to find staff for job openings. Will employers ditch the mandate so they can find valuable critical thinkers? I am already seeing this happen in many parts of Europe, US and other areas.

All of the stress around the mandates and passports is also causing alarming spikes in stress related illness and anxiety. Daily I speak with people who are desperate, scared, worried or severely stressed. All the stress is impacting our immune systems and ability to cope with the level of uncertainty we are experiencing. Top that off with bank jitters, supply chain issues and alarming inflation and you have a recipe for freaking out. Many people are experiencing the classic stress response of Flight-Fight-Freeze or Fold as they try to cope with the increasing uncertainty. In the flight mode, many will resort to alcohol or drugs to deal with the stress. In the Fight mode, many will become angry and take legal action. In the Freeze mode, anxiety and depression kick in where people have no energy to do anything and finally in the fold mode, they give up and just do whatever they are told to do.  Which response do you go to when under stress?

No matter what is going on, you can navigate successfully if you take care of your physical, mental and emotional health and prepare a buffer for any unforeseen events over the next year. I am currently training people everywhere on building inner resilience and would like to invite you to attend my upcoming webinar with EMinfo to get you through the winter months ahead.


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Key takeaways:

  • The 6 Keys to Resilience and Resilience Killers that also Kill your deals
  • Tips to manage stress and upgrade your immunity to stay healthy
  • Releasing negative emotions and increasing energy levels
  • Leadership in challenging times
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  • Tap into creative ways to build your company


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Patricia (Tish) Conlin is a Talent Solutions firm owner, Speaker and Soft Skills Trainer, with over twenty years as President of Global Consulting Group Inc. She is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Black Belt Martial Artist and author of ABCs of Food: Boost Your Energy, Confidence, and Success with the Power of Nutrition. She offers comprehensive live and on-line training workshops on key leadership and success topics. Visit  to energize your performance and life with a large number of on-line training programs and courses.

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