Shining the light to create better outcomes-WEBINAR ON HOW TO ATTRACT MORE SUCCESS IN 2021

  By Patricia Conlin  |    Thursday January 28, 2021

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We are living in unprecedented times. If you look closely, you will see ruptures occurring in every area. Censorship is occurring in democracies where free speech was once a guiding principle, people are holding tight to ideologies instead of looking at facts and would rather support their “team” then have a heartfelt discussion with someone. Our governments have used the pandemic to implement outrageous and misguided policies that have caused more harm than good, our basic freedoms have been greatly limited with lockdowns that scientists, doctors and experts say are not only useless but harmful.

What can we do?

To live better and succeed, we need to start shining a light on the darkness in our own lives. We do this by examining our biases, by actually listening to people with other views and other perspectives, by being open to the possibility that we might not be right, by being open to reviewing new information instead of rigidly sticking to what we have been told. To succeed, we must re-examine every area of our lives and question the media lies, the corrupt governments and the profit driven companies that tell us what to do. To succeed we must force genuine and heartfelt connections with people and companies and demonstrate we care with actions that create positive change.

Once we start shining a light, we can take action in our lives and the world. We can find the courage to stand up to the corruption in our governments, to sit with those we previously wrote off to talk and listen, to put positive energy into the world and to attract better outcomes. We will resolve conflicts in our homes and companies and find that we attract better clients and candidates as a result.

I am greatly honored to offer everyone a webinar on how you can use the strategies to attract not only better clients and candidates but a better life. EMinfo has retained me to give a 1-time LIVE webinar where I will teach you my proven techniques to build inner resilience, to live with greater courage and joy, to attract better clients without endless cold-calling, and to resolve conflicts in order to live in greater harmony.

In this online training session, you’ll discover how you can apply the attraction-marketing model to grow your business without feeling like you’re always chasing prospects. You will participate in interactive exercises during this session and have an opportunity to win a free online designed course to boost performance and success for recruiters. Join this training session where we will cover:

• The standard predator model vs. attraction marketing – which is best

• Attraction marketing techniques that draw clients to you without constant cold-calling

• Stress the deal killer-PLUS bonus agreement to avoid getting cheated out of placements by clients

• Techniques to boost confidence, build courage and give you the passion to inspire

• How to build loyal long-term clients with emotional intelligence tools and resolve conflicts

• How to create a wealth mindset and vision that helps you brand yourself for success

This event is closed but you can purchase TISH's training at her site:


Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2021. Stay positive and build great client and candidate relationships. You can do it!!!!

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