The Formula for Success is Calculated in the Present

  By Sue Bhatia  |    Tuesday January 2, 2019

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Life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you!

Did you realize one of the best ways to ensure a successful future is to stop focusing on it? That, of course, doesn’t imply you shouldn’t be planning for the future. However, always thinking about it won’t help you become successful any faster. It’s much better to focus on the present. There is a 3-part formula for success. Apply this formula in your life today, and goals will become much clearer; with the formula guiding you all the way towards your greatest accomplishments. Perhaps you’ve been using basic survival tactics to overcome hurdles in life. If you knew the three-part formula for success, you could accomplish many things earlier in life and possibly be further along than you are today. How can you arrive at your own formula for success?

Find your Higher Purpose in Life

The first step, and possibly the most important one, is having a higher purpose in life. Ask yourself this question, “Why am I doing this?” The question is simple in nature, yet powerful in determining your future success. If you can’t answer this question, you’re most likely not doing what you’re meant to be doing. After you’ve found your higher purpose, ask yourself another powerful question, “how does my current role impact the overall goal of my organization?” Even though I wasn’t aware of the formula for success when I was younger, the order of operations started to become clear throughout my childhood as I found my higher purpose: I wanted to pursue a better life for myself. Think about how you can pursue a better life for yourself and you will find the formula for success.

Be Curious, Ask Questions, Get Clarity

The second part of the formula for success: be curious and ask many questions to get clarity for your higher purpose. When thinking about your daily routine, ask yourself how you can accomplish things even better and how to get there faster. Ask a lot of questions to clarify your goals. When you’re not asking questions, you are leaving things up to assumption. We all know what happens when we assume!

Shake up Your Belief System

The third-tier of the formula for success deals with shaking up your belief system. When plotting out your goals, you need to get away from the idea that you must have every skill set required to accomplish them. After all, you’re just getting started. Many people think they have to have the credentials to cross the finish line before the race has even started. That’s not the case. If you’ve set major goals in life, it’s okay if you’re not fully competent as you’re learning new skills to accomplish them. These are skills that will develop over time. Stay hungry and positive to develop these new skills. You have everything inside of you to work towards your larger goals. Ignore the critics. Your overall journey is divinely guided. Remember, all you have to do is focus on the present. Life is not happening to you, it is happening for you!

As you keep these three principles in mind, you will create awesome, distinct work. Your uniqueness (and authenticity) will be clear for the world to see. You will pour excellence into your entire life just by aligning with your higher purpose, seeking clarity and developing capabilities and competencies along the way! I enjoyed every moment of my journey. Be sure you’re asking a lot of questions and you too will find the formula for success!

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