The Hot Trend That Will Drive Your 2019 Business

  By Kathleen Kurke  |    Sunday January 28, 2019

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Every year when the calendar turns, we start to look around at what might boost or bomb our business success. launched at the Superbowl in 1999 and we were all certain job boards were certain predictors of our profession’s demise. When the housing market crashed in 2008, most of us were certain we wouldn’t survive because our clients froze in their own panics. By the time our clients had easy access to LinkedIn in 2009, we were certain we’d be replaced. These days, we buzz about artificial intelligence (AI) as though we doubt our own. 

And, alas, we’ve survived. And in fact, most of us have thrived. 

But, what’s coming in 2019?

The key word for 2019 will be volatility. And, that’s good news. Today’s volatility will be great for our business. The stock market will go up; the stock market will go down; international alliances will shift, and partisan politics will stay messy.

Volatility will keep our clients focused on what’s most central to their business success – what helps them make money and save money. So, if we keep our recruiting work focused on what’s central to our clients’ business success – making money and saving money, then our work becomes connected to what’s important to them.  

Here are the questions that will help you uncover needs and placement opportunities by staying connected to clients’ business success:


· In today’s market, many of my clients are shifting their focus from expansion to topgrading. What skill set could you hire that would help improve results from your team?

· In today’s market, my clients are investing their expansion dollars where they’re going to get the highest return. What’s your highest priority in expanding your team to take advantage of market opportunities?

· With today’s market volatility, my clients are keeping their hiring focused on mission critical. Which roles in your group are connected to mission critical? What skill set could you hire that would help you improve the mission critical results from your team?

Volatility and uncertainty in the marketplace is a given, but it shows up as different flavors during different economic cycles. Even if there are ups and downs, or highs and lows, circling around us in the marketplace and in the press, our client companies are consistently pursuing their goals of making money or saving money. 

Stay consistent in keeping your conversations with clients focused on what will stay consistent and you will flourish when volatility is the hottest trend in your desk. 

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