The Impact and Importance of AI for Recruiters

  By Jason Thibeault  |    Tuesday April 4, 2023

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This isn’t going to be some surface-level gimmicky article which turns out to be written by artificial intelligence. I, Jason Thibeault, am writing every word. Real time for me. 

Full disclosure, I use spell check and autocorrect. Sometimes Grammarly. The E key is worn on this keyboard, so I can’t promise I won’t copy the whole article into an AI to look for anytime I missed an E. Also, if my hand starts hurting, I’ll switch to voice-to-text. But I swear I am writing it. 

I also use Navigation in my car, even when I know the way to race the time. I sit next to a window and ask Google for the weather. My thermostat decides the most energy efficient heating schedule. Algorithms even tell me what to buy.

We could do any of those for ourselves, but the technology makes us faster. And way more of it than you think is powered by artificial intelligence. 

AI is rapidly changing the way we work, and for people using it well, it makes their work much more rapid. Even in recruiting, we’re already using it for decision making, task automation, and content creation.

I’ll start with the last one. Have you ever thought about the amount of content a recruiter needs to write to be successful?

Job Ads. A well written job ad is better than a bad one, which is better than a job description, which is better than nothing! We use a Fast Formula to turn a company’s formal legal job description into an inviting job ad in seconds. 

Job Descriptions. While we’re at, ever have a client need them from you? It happens. Generate them in seconds with AI assistance. We’ve even had our recruiter clients sell the results back to their hiring managers!

Emails. We send a lot of them in this business. And the less generic they are, the better they perform. Without any advanced techniques, we’ve generated step-by-step cadences of multi-point messaging, injected with humor which has been proven to get candidates’ attention. 

Website. All of the pages of a website and weekly blog content can be written in minutes. When we started teaching AI to recruiters, we proved you could generate 600 word blogs in under five minutes. This article is about two-thirds of that so far, and has taken me about 20 minutes. That was in 2020. In 2023, people are using these various AI tools to generate entire websites in minutes, selling the website, and monthly content subscriptions for thousands. 

Ugh, why do we do this when an AI could have given a thousand-word draft in a minute? I could have spent the last twenty minutes editing that content into something, funny, charming, and yet still driving home the importance of learning AI before this new technology outpaces you. We say not to worry, you will never be replaced by AI. You’ll be replaced by a recruiter using AI. 

Yet here I am, not using it. 

Let me tell you something we did recently. We built an objector into ChatGPT. Its job was to come up with the recruiter’s best response to any objection entered. Then we tested it in a live roleplay. As fast as our experienced recruiters could tell it reasons why their candidates weren’t interested, it gave fantastic responses faster than we could read the script back. Imagine never being at a loss for words.

Or perhaps it’s a better assistant you need. Someone you can bounce ideas off of, someone who can evaluate them on everything from legality to professionalism. Someone who can generate entire new business plans and ideas with you.

There’s a trend right now, on places like Instagram and TikTok, to put in an amount of money you currently have, like $250 and ask for the best business idea from ChatGPT with that limitation. These (typically) young people then follow what the AI has told them to do, make some AI side hustle and post short videos about it. Our internal AI Prompt Engineer “wrote” the first book about ChatGPT. ChatGPT, his coauthor, wrote every single word, and he did it over a weekend. 

Some of our clients are now “writing” entire business books based on Fast Formula we developed. Don’t expect a one-step process with something as grand as that. With work, you can spit out a book in a week. That’s fast enough to scare Stephen King.

We can also make it check your Boolean search strings or look at the content of a person’s LinkedIn profile and determine the person’s personality profile and the best ways to approach and interact with them. Want a new technology explained like you don’t have an engineering degree? Heck, you can continue the conversation, asking questions until you have a great understanding. AI covers an enormous range of tasks, from the most tedious to the most advanced. 

Bard, Google’s AI, can do all of what I’ve talked about here. And so can ChatGPT. We aren’t talking big new expensive software, but stuff with free access levels. And there are about a thousand other AI tools available to you right now. I shouldn’t even say that in writing, because there will be more before you read this.

I stepped away during my writing, for about ten minutes. I taught my stepson how to tie his tie, as he was heading out on an anniversary date. No one asked me, I wanted a writing break… People should be able to step away from daily tasks sometimes and do that. 

The fact that he learned the Half Windsor, did it to the right length himself after a couple of tries, and I put away my own example tie in less time than it has taken to write this article proves why people are turning to it. Spend more time on the things that matter. Family. Health. Revenue Generation. 

There is a world of mundane tasks, each of which need either specialized software or human assistants to get done. Even in its infancy, AI is showing a high school level ability to get things done. 

Maybe you can remember when Caller ID killed answering the phone. Or when suddenly you needed to go online to learn more, and even that changed to “there’s an app for that.” Our candidates are using AI. Our clients will be and should be. They’re talking about it, and people are using it for everything from legitimate business to scams. Just like 2010 was too late to not have a website, 2024 is too late to start integrating AI into your business. 

For all our EMInfo readers, if you’re ready to jump on the AI bandwagon and really learn from myself and Tricia Tamkin how to optimize your desk with artificial intelligence, go to and enter coupon code EMINFO for 50% off class. This coupon expires on May 15, 2023.

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