The Proven Process: Digital Marketing Made Simple - Part 1

  By Jared Hummel  |    Tuesday June 26, 2019

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At Parqa, we use a simple, three step “proven process” to help guide our customers to the results they hired us to help them achieve. As a digital marketing company, we hear from potential clients all the time, “I just want more leads for my team.” Like many things in life it’s simple in theory but not quite so straight forward in practice. There’s no silver bullet in business or in life. Success is defined by a process of doing a lot of little things correctly over a long period of time to get consistently positive results.


The process we adhere to is this simple equation: brand credibility + online visibility + lead generation.


Why can’t you just skip to lead generation you ask? Because the process doesn’t work like that in digital marketing or anywhere in your professional life.

Before you can just get leads to call, you must have a credible brand (that is why it’s first in our equation). In the digital world, you may only have a few seconds to impress someone that came to learn more about you. If you don’t have credibility up and down your digital platforms you are simply losing out on any investment you’re making in attracting potential leads to those platforms.


Brand Credibility


In digital marketing, brand identity is the attire you put on every morning before a client meeting. It may not directly correspond to a lead coming in the door, but it gives you and your company long-term credibility. It’s usually visual to the client and is that first impression that you can’t take back. In terms of digital marketing, this is usually the overall appearance and effectiveness of your website, and social media accounts. 

These items must mirror the image you present when you are on-site with a client or candidate. You wouldn’t invite the CEO of a $100 million company to your house for a first meeting and be in sweat pants when you answer the door, but you would invite them to your new freshly designed office space and greet them with a suit and tie.

More and more clients and candidates are getting the voicemail or LinkedIn message from you or your company and going straight to the internet to learn about you before they ever consider calling you back. 


Does your website look professional, easy to navigate and have insightful information? Does your LinkedIn profile have a profile picture, branded images and your career highlights clearly defined? 

Are you posting regularly on social media so people know what the culture is like at your office, what your core values are, what the hot jobs you have are, and insightful information on the industry as whole?

These are questions that can be further evaluated in my next blog. 

Stay tuned for parts two and three that cover the remaining two steps of Parqa’s three-step “proven process” equation: online visibility and lead generation.

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Jared Hummel COO, PARQA

Jared is an experienced professional with history of building start-up organizations into winners.  As the COO of Parqa, he brings his financial expertise and passion to enhance growth and find solutions to complex operating and execution challenges, both internally and externally. He enjoys decision making and leadership in his daily responsibilities. Jared has had the opportunity to work in complex manufacturing and service-driven environments and through complex financial transactions that have allowed him to build a very broad skill set in the operations and financial management of closely-held high growth companies.

Jared graduated from Hamline University with a degree in Business Finance and Political Science. In addition, he served on the Advisory Board of Emerge Community Development a non-profit that helps ex-offenders enter or re-enter the workforce.

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