The Proven Process: Digital Marketing Made Simple - Part 3

  By Jared Hummel  |    Friday August 31, 2019

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As we enter part 3 of The Proven Process let’s start by examining how we got here.  First, we discussed building brand credibility and making sure that the credibility and reputation you portray in-person matches your brand presence online.  Being online today doesn’t just mean a stock website, it means integrating your brand on your website, LinkedIn company page, Linkedin recruiter pages, Facebook and even Instagram.  After the brand is built, the next objective is to drive people to that brand through increasing your online visibility.  The best way to start this process is to develop a social media strategy and engage with your fans by offering tips, insights, industry news and thought leadership content.  Also, you have to rank on google.  People search for everything these days and you CAN’T be buried on the second page.

In part 3 of the series we will discuss lead generation and lead nurturing.  Google and other search engines understand marketing and know that most companies want that quick win, it isn’t cheap but it is what we know today as pay-per-click.  While SEO (search engine optimization) is essentially free outside of paying a marketer to optimize, pay-per-click you will pay to have managed and you will pay google to put you first on the list in relevant searches.  This makes PPC a lead rich option for staffing and recruiting companies to skip right to the bottom of the funnel and attract clients currently ready to engage.  The drawback of PPC is that when the first two components of our proven process aren’t built out you run the risk of spending a lot of money engaging a potential client that can’t validate your reputation online before giving you a call.  The average person that engages with your brand online engages with 5 different pieces of content prior to picking up the phone to talk live. 

Do you ever look at your CRM/ATS and think holy cow I have thousands and thousands of clients and candidates in our system that we haven’t touched for years.  How do you stay top of mind when clients aren’t looking to fill positions and candidates are passive?  We engaged a client last year that had 300 unique clients in the last 2 years and only 20 used our client on multiple occasions even though they have several different business lines.  That doesn’t even count another 300 call-ins that our client couldn’t service their immediate need but offered other services the companies could have used.  A marketing automation campaign is a great way to engage these clients/potential clients that know you and respect you but you may not be top of mind at the moment or they may not know all the services you offer.  On the candidate side, your recruiters are constantly trying to keep track of 100’s if not 1000’s of candidates that have interviewed, worked for or been recommended to you.  How do you automate this process to increase internal efficiency and keep potential candidates warmer, a marketing automation campaign that keeps them engaged know matter what status they are in with your Company.  Marketing automation is all about making your processes cleaner, faster, more efficient, and allows you to build deeper relationships.

Now that you have made it through our proven process for marketing success in today’s staffing and recruiting world hopefully you realize that all of these avenues create different opportunities for your business. However, the combination of our 3 vital components is what ultimately creates a well-oiled machine and the most enterprise value for your Company over time.  We understand that not everyone has an unlimited budget and that is why we offer solutions not packages.  We will work with you to build a partnership that allows for steady growth in both strategy and return on your investment.

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