The Recruiter's Daily Mantra

  By Scott Love  |    Sunday July 25, 2016

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What I am going to share with you will help you open up more doors with people. It will make everything seem a lot easier when it comes to getting people to bring down their walls. It seems like your whole job as a sales person or recruiter is to get people to trust you and bring their walls down. This will make it a lot easier for you.

Each morning when I wake up, I speak the words of a mantra. I can’t recall when I started doing this, but it was about two or three years ago. I noticed a distinct difference in how people responded to me, and in how much easier it was for them to bring their walls down and open up to me.

Maybe it’s a meditation, or even a prayer. Call it what you will, but this small phrase has proven to serve as a powerful force of opening doors with people, which is what our business is all about. 


Try this today and see how it impacts you:

“Put me in the path of those whom I can serve.”

 This phrase takes the focus away from what I really want to do, which is to receive some nice commissions, and helps me focus on what I should really be thinking about: working in the service of others. It reframes my focus on the one thing that the recruiting and staffing industry is really all about, which is a powerful and highly personal service to others.

I consider myself a full-time student of this business. Each time I visit a recruiting or staffing office to teach and consult, I absorb new ideas. It’s amazing how one small thought or shift in attitude, or even a single phrase, can open up doors for you. Last night I was leading a Skype training call for a search firm’s two offices in Australia. The owner of the firm mentioned one short phrase that he uses with candidates to get them to agree to go on an interview with a client. It was a powerful word track and I can’t wait to use it the next chance I get.

Try speaking this phrase today and see how much easier it is to get people to trust you. It’s not a magic trick, but it’s a phrase that helps you reframe your attitude to a proper perspective of helping others. If people sense that you are there to serve and not sell, then they will eagerly bring down the walls and become open to your ideas.

Like I always say, don’t focus on the commission, but on the contribution. When you start doing this, you’ll end up earning more commissions.

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