By Judy Collins  |    Wednesday March 2, 2017

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The new year is here. The time is right…for contract staffing! With improving prospects for the economy in 2017, client companies will likely free up capital budgets for new projects. You will find new clients anxious to get started with projects which have been on hold during the last few years of market uncertainty. Clients may wish to launch new projects using contract personnel so that they can ramp up quickly. Look for client companies in your local market that can take advantage of the new emphasis on growth. 

Offer your services before these projects begin so you can be positioned to grow with your clients. Be proactive: don’t let your clients establish a relationship with your competitors for this piece of the business.  Become an expert in your niche market so you can become the “go-to partner” for your clients when they need resources to execute a project.

A full back-office partner that provides payroll funding, payroll processing, and employer of record services can help you by relieving you of these time-consuming and complex responsibilities. New laws are going into effect in 2017.  Let your back-office provider navigate the changes. Do not take your time or become liable for something that is not your area of expertise: I-9 compliance, eVerify, ACA regulations, overtime, PTO, just to name a few. The opportunity cost for you is too high. Let the back-office provider let you utilize your time to do what you do best: find the right person for the right job.

Keep on track. Don’t get bogged down on activities that don’t make you money: weekly collection of time cards, making sure all time cards are approved, verifying all employees are legal to work in the US, sending out invoices, collecting payments, responding to unemployment claims, and sending out yearly W-2’s, among other tasks. These are important details that must be managed to run a successful business.

A full back-office partner which is already set up to withhold state and local taxes, cover worker’s compensation, and serve as employer of record can save you time and money. The costs of getting set up are significant. Your back-office provider will already have done this and will assume these responsibilities. 

Be alert for opportunities to help your clients grow with contract staffing. Market trends indicate that THE TIME IS RIGHT…FOR CONTRACT STAFFING to help you be successful!

“The uncertainties of the present always give way to the enchanted possibilities of the future.”

… Gelsey Kirkland

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