Time Is Golden…With Temp And Contract Placements!

  By Judy Collins  |    Wednesday July 7, 2021

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Your most valuable asset is your time. What you do today affects the results of tomorrow. Use your time in the most productive manner and you will make your life easier and improve your bottom line. Be aware of the trends cited below to make a big difference.

With the rapid state of flux we see in the job market, timeliness is critical to your success. Be the first to adapt to changes in the market and keep your clients happy. People are changing jobs at a high rate and this scenario presents opportunities for recruiters to increase their placements. So be aware of the trends and position yourself to take advantage and better serve your clients.

Remote working is one of the factors driving the workplace changes. This group of employees may not want to return to the office and may instead try to find a new position. For others, the workplace is an important center of social interaction and is preferable to remote working. This pool of employees may be looking to change jobs. A mix of remote and in-office work is likely to be offered by many employers. These various scenarios present the recruiter with the opportunity to make placements, whether direct, direct-to-hire, or contract.

With the chaos and flux in the job market, we are hearing more and more of the coming “Great Re-Hire” which promises an avalanche of hiring activity. Citing Rich Thompson, CEO of Xtra Point Group,

“The result is an employee who has been forced into change and, in response, is considering opportunities for the future. That mobility is seen in our recent survey where only 35% of those currently employed feel confident they will be working for the same company in six months. That means they are open to a possible shift to a new company.”

 Be alert to these trends in the workplace and be prepared to assist your clients with their employment needs, regardless of their policy on remote versus in-house working. Build up an inventory of candidates and understand their work preferences so that you can quickly match them to your client’s needs.

The movement by numerous states (about 26 at the time of this writing) to stop participating in Federal supplemental unemployment plans and encourage people to go back to work continues in the face of some legal challenges. As the work disincentives are reduced and back-to-work incentives are applied, the volume of people reentering the work force will further increase. In many cases these people may not be able to return to their previous employer because their old job has been filled, or because the work does not meet their new expectations (remote vs. office). Some employers may prefer contract positions to minimize their risk in an uncertain market (read: possible new wave of shutdowns in the face of another Covid strain). Timely placement of contract workers who ultimately go direct is an excellent means for recruiters to build their business and to quickly meet employer’s needs. You can earn an income stream while the employee is under contract and then collect a conversion fee when, or if, the employee is converted to direct hire. Your client will appreciate your timely assistance.

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