Users are Impatient; Slow Sites Scare Leads Away

  By Karen Feder  |    Monday November 12, 2019

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we are commonly asked is “what’s the most important element of building a website?” Is it the content, the technical SEO, a sleek design, or a strong site architecture? While it may sound like a cop-out, the answer is they’re all equally important. 

We recently hosted a webinar that educates staffing and recruiting firm owners on the process of diagnosing when they need to invest in updating their website. In this blog, we’ll highlight a portion of the process by discussing the importance that website performance has on lead generation.


What is Website Performance?


To put it simply, website performance is measured by the speed in which your website loads. Pages, images, videos, other file formats, each element of your website has to load upon each visit. 


There are a variety of factors that dictate how fast or slow a website loads. Some of the primary culprits to a slow website include:


· Server infrastructure

· Bulky back-end coding

· Oversized image and media files

· Faulty scripts

· Excessive HTTP requests

· Caching

· Poor hosting provider


Why is Website Performance Important?


There is little room for patience in today’s fast-paced, on-demand world. If the pages on your website load slowly, the visitors to your site, who represent your prospective customers, will quickly lose patience and navigate to the website of one of your competitors. Nothing will scare off a visitor from your website faster than a poor user experience, and the first evaluation in a user’s experience is load time. 


Most visitors will only spend 15 seconds on a website before leaving. If they waste 3-5 seconds in that precious allotment waiting for pages to load, you’re greatly reducing the amount of time they’ll spend sizing up the look and feel of your site, discovering how engaging your content is, and determining whether your firm has the credibility to solve their pressing hiring challenges.


How to Fix Your Slow Site?


Are you tainting the user experience of your website visitors with a slow website performance? There’s some good news, you can improve your website performance by optimizing your site


There are a vast number of SEO tactics that we deploy when working on improving the site speed of our client’s websites. By conducting an in-depth technical audit of your site, we’re able to identify the precise causes for your slow site and recommend precise SEO strategies to speed up the performance.

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