Want Better PPC Results? Build Personas!

  By Stephanie Ryndak  |    Monday June 12, 2023

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Is your staffing agency investing in PPC advertising on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn?

You’ll get more out of your PPC budget if you build employer and job-seeker personas.


What’s a persona?

A persona, is a fictional representation of a target audience segment (e.g., recently graduated travel nurses, HR managers in manufacturing companies). It is created by gathering and analyzing data about the characteristics, behaviors, needs, and preferences of your staffing firm’s intended customers (i.e., job seekers and employers). 

Personas help you understand your audience better and develop more effective marketing strategies by humanizing target customers and gaining insights into their motivations, goals, challenges, and decision-making processes. These fictional personas typically include demographic information, psychographic traits, and specific details that enable marketers to tailor their messaging, content, and campaigns to resonate with the identified audience segments.

Now that you understand the basics of buyer personas, here’s how to use them to build more effective PPC strategies.


Build Personas of Your Ideal Candidates and Clients

A candidate is more than just someone that needs a job, and a client is more than just a company that needs to hire. Each audience has its own subsets and differences because their interests, needs, motivations, etc., vary widely and continually fluctuate. 

Building an audience profile of your ideal candidates and clients can give your ads a competitive edge.


Build a better understanding of each persona’s current needs:

All PPC traffic – whether a candidate or client – must move through the four stages of AIDA:  Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. You don’t always know which stage they are in when they come upon your ad, but our recommendation is to develop a strategy that speaks to audiences within a specific stage. 



Craft more relevant messaging for each persona: 

The more you know about your target audience, the more likely your message will resonate and stick with them. Messaging is delivered through the words, images and video components of your ads... and we all know how important it is to make a good first impression! 


Leverage more precise targeting options:

Personas give you a head start on identifying the right channel to advertise in. Consider a user’s intent (to act), and then match them up with the channel that mimics that level of intent. You’ll find channels function on a scale when it comes to their user’s level of intent: Google can connect with high-intent users, whereas Facebook has a more passive reach.  


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