Want to Drive Staffing Sales? Change How You Write!

  By Heather Perrotta   |    Thursday May 11, 2023

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Write With Employers and Job Seekers in Mind

One way to drive sales more effectively is to write from the viewpoint of your readers – whether it’s your website, blog posts, collateral, etc. Business owners, hiring managers, HR professionals, job seekers, and other members of your target audiences aren't necessarily interested in your staffing firm; they are interested in WIIFM or “What’s in it for me?”

Often staffing professionals think that, as they write, they should be describing their company or their services, when in actuality, they should be writing about:

  • what readers want to know: their burning questions.
  • how your staffing firm can help them overcome a problem or achieve a goal.

If you want to make more placements in today's economy, start by understanding your audience.

Who Is Your Audience?

Is it candidates, employers, or both? If it is candidates, then they most likely want to know how to find a job. If it is employers, they most likely want to know how to find candidates. So, keep in mind who your audience is, what they want to know (and/or what their pain point is), and how you can solve that problem – then how you want to direct the readers.

AIDA Makes It Easy

“AIDA” is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This can help you to focus on your readers’ viewpoint.

Attention: Hook Your Readers

First, you want to grab your readers’ attention. Think about what your readers want to know and the problems they want to solve.

Interest: Get Your Audience Mentally Engaged

After you have their attention, then give them a reason to keep reading. Your ideas and solutions for how to solve their problems will entice readers to continue to be interested.

Desire: Make Your Target Audience Want More

If you display warmth and competence, you can build trust with your readers. Once readers have your trust, then it will be easier to make readers ready to take action.

Action: Invite Readers to Respond

Now that you’ve created a desire for readers, it is time to have them respond. You want to make this as easy as possible and provide a variety of ways for readers to get in touch. Calls to action can be a phone number, email, website form URL, text, etc.

Driving Action With Your Staffing Website

If you are focusing on the top of the home page of your website, then you will have both candidates and employers viewing that area. Therefore, you should have information for both audiences, then a way to guide each audience to take action (such as a button to search jobs for candidates, and another button to request talent for employers).

Driving Action With a Sell Sheet

If you're creating a sell sheet for prospective clients, put the AIDA model to work for you. The front side of your sell sheet should have:

  • A large image to grab readers' attention.
  • Your logo.
  • A compelling headline that identifies with a challenge your prospects may be facing.
  • A sub-headline to get readers interested and create a desire to learn more (by turning over the sell sheet).

Once they are on the back of the sell sheet, this is where you provide more information that displays your competence and how you can solve the prospect’s problem. Then end with clear instructions for the next steps you want the prospect to take as well as various options to easily get in touch with you.

Need help putting the AIDA model to work – and driving more placements in 2023?

To learn more about how to get help with writing from the viewpoint of your readers so you can more effectively drive sales, contact a marketing educator, request a free review of your staffing website, or check out our digital marketing solutions.

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